Monday, November 19, 2007

mail call!

One more thing--I got a book that I WON in the mail today. It's so cool to get a gift in the mail. I remember that when I was little, I used to just WISH for something to come in the mail for me. Magical, almost.

It's such an easy thing to do.

Well, once I've finished this book, Mosaic, by Amy Grant, I'll offer it up in a drawing here, and get just as much enjoyment out of paying it forward as I did receiving it. Till later...


Kathie said...

Discovered your blog this morning and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your posts. I was touched especially by the post on the SOA because we have been in Central America as missionaries since Dec. 1985. The people in the USA have absolutely how blessed they are with the freedoms they how. It is sometimes frightening how little they seem to value those freedoms. They have forgotten what it is they are to be thankful for. Thanks for showing people that the freedoms they have should not be taken for granted. Someone gave their life for that freedom.
Blessings from Costa Rica

daisyaday said...

Thanks, Kathie. I'm thankful for you--for visiting my blog, and for doing what you do: giving of your heart, your love and your life as a missionary.