Thursday, November 1, 2007

oh, nooooo! not Sabrina!

I was so disappointed when Sabrina Bryan was voted off of Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday. She was my very favorite--I had her picked to win the thing. But--I didn't vote. Ever. I stopped voting after the first season of American Idol I watched.

I detached a little bit. Pulled back. Took a deep breath. Whew!

But, I did cry a little tear for Sabrina. Her positive attitude and cheerful spirit were infectious. I always felt better after I got to watch her perform. The world didn't end, her career will go on. I will just miss seeing her radiant smile and hearing her contagious giggle on Monday nights.

Hey! Did you hear the commercial about the new show they are planning? They will be looking for talent that can dance AND sing, and they'll be performing in teams...something like that. That will be such a treat. Rhythmic like beautiful poetry, but as dynamic as rap.


mer said...

Hi! I bookmarked your blog after I entered your giveaway the other day. It's a cheery place!

I was so disappointed that Sabrina got voted off too. I'll miss her. I really thought she had a great chance to win it! She seemed a bit shocked too, didn't you think?

So who are you cheering for now? I can't decide!

daisyaday said...

Thanks for visiting! I love company!

Oh, I don't know. I like Cameron, but his partner always is a little too underdressed for my taste. I think maybe Helio. Julianne is an EXCELLENT dancer, and apparently a good teacher, too. Mel is the other one who is doing's a tossup between these two for me.

I think Jane and Marie will not be in the finals.