Sunday, November 11, 2007

a slow, serene Sunday

Ahhhh, it was a restful day. As it should be. I went to church, had a nice lunch with my girlfriend, went to the grocery store for stuff for dinner, and went home. I made some won-der-ful sandwiches...they're Rob's version of a Dagwood sandwich. Easy and delicious.

Here's how he makes them. He takes one of those big round Hawaiian breads, and carefully slices it parallel to the table like he's making a layer cake or something.

He spreads a thin layer of real mayonnaise on the bottom. Sprinkles shredded cheese on the mayo. He likes a combination of provolone and mozzarella. I grated it fresh today 'cause it's better that way. (Right, Susie?)

Then he lays sliced lunch meat over the cheese. Three different kinds. You can use chicken or turkey for one layer, roast beef or pastrami for a second layer, and ham or salami for the third layer. He covers the entire surface of the bread with everything he puts on there, by the way. All the way to the edges. (That's another quirky thing. We are so much alike!)

Then, he puts alfalfa sprouts on top of the meat. Sometimes he spreads a thin layer of mayo on the top of the bread, too. It holds the sprouts in place better.

Okay, then he flops the top back onto the sandwich. He presses it down slightly, and slices it into 6 or 8 wedges. It's ready to devour!

I made them, put the sandwiches back into the fridge and voilĂ ! Dinner was done.

One by one, everyone came home. My honey and the boys got home from hunting (guys 0, Bambi 1--yesss!), E-girl got home from the youth retreat, G-girl got home from work, and Rob got up from his nap. Oh! And I made yummy molasses cookies.

Some of the kids watched Friends with me for a little while, Chandler finally proposed to Monica, and now, it's time to think about going to bed. (big yawwwwwnnn) Oh, maybe one more rice game, and then I'm good.

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