Saturday, November 10, 2007

a sluggish Saturday

What a contrast to last weekend. Today my heap of ambition is maybe the size of a small anthill. I can't see my way through to doing a single thing.

We went to Baby Del's birthday party, at his other gramma's house--my honey's ex. That was a surreal experience. It's lovely, because their relationship is relatively good now, but every once in a while I just kind of shake my head and wonder if this is really happening.

All I can say is that God is a miracle worker. When I think of the animosity that used to be there, mmm mmm mmm.

The kids took the grandbabies to the fall maze thing at the local community center after the party, but we were happy to come home and just, well, collapse would be a good word here, I guess. My brain was buzzing by the time we left because of all the noise. I'm beginning to recover. I suppose I'll find that other pile of ambition right around the time I get ready for bed. And then I won't sleep until two or three in the morning. Being almost fifty is so much fun!

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