Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving memories

I got up early this Thanksgiving morning. I took the bowl from the deck outside and peeled off the plastic wrap to reveal the smooth surface of the refrigerator potato roll dough I made last night. I flopped it out onto the counter and punched it down to release all the air from the pockets in the dough.

As I started to shape it into little dinner rolls for our dinner today, I thought about our traditions. I thought about how our family has taken traditions from each of our own family backgrounds. I realized that we have created our own unique family traditions that our kids will remember. Some of them they'll carry on into their own families, and I'm sure that some of them they will gladly shed like last year's fashion faux pas.

These potato rolls are one of the family traditions I incorporated into our family. Grandma Ada used to make them. She was my kids' great-grandmother on their dad's paternal side, to be precise about it. She passed the recipe down into the family, and since I like to bake, I started making them.

I also eventually found the recipe in a small, old paperback Betty Crocker cookbook that I got at a garage sale, but Grandma gave better directions about how it should look at each stage of the process. These potato buns are something she used to usually only make at big holiday dinners, and that's the only time I make them, too. I think it's because they are so much work.

In spite of all the work, or probably because of it, Grandma's potato buns are absolutely the best. They poof up into these heavenly, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth bits of yeasty delight. I've gone a few years without making them, and there's jsut something missing when I don't make them. This year, I just had to do it. Making them brought back memories of Grandma Ada, who would get up at the crack of dawn to start making Thanksgiving dinner for all of us. She always used her good china and silver. Thanksgiving was always such a special occasion at her house.

Our traditions can create a link to our past so it doesn't feel so far away. Are there any traditions you continue to keep that have special memories for you?

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Happy Thanksgiving!