Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the things kids think about

So today when I was talking to G-girl about things, just things in general, I said it would be good for her when she has her own apartment. I think that helps people, girls especially, to learn to be strong and independent. She agreed, and we talked some more.

Then she says to me, "So Mom, I've been thinking about things. I don't know if I like all these stages when people get older. You know, when your parents get older, and you kind of need help, you know..." she trailed off. Then sounding more determined, she says, "I don't think it would work for you to live with me!"

I cracked up laughing. She just shook her head. "It just wouldn't work at all. But I'd help you find a nice home, someplace where people can help you." I was practically rolling on the floor, and here she was, so seriously telling me, "I'd find someone who could help you get your groceries and everything. You know, like your mom had. A nice...senior home." She had that little look she gets, when she knows she's getting a reaction about something.

When I had composed myself enough to talk, I said, "Don't worry about me. I won't need a home for a long time. Maybe you should think about your dad instead."

Her immediate response was, "HE'S not living with me, either!"

Somehow, I don't think we have to worry about developing this whole strong and independent thing with her.


d.t.x. said...

I told G-girl that you could live with me. I would take care of you. You took care of me. That just wouldn't be right to send your parents to a home (personal opinion).

daisyaday said...

No worries. She was just teasing with me. But I might take you up on that some day. Then I can drive you crazy. Just kidding!