Tuesday, November 27, 2007

too much sitting!

Last night I missed my DWTS fix because of class! Then I didn't even have time on my lunch hour to watch the show online. I'm going into withdrawal! I'm twitchy. I'm itchy. My brain is fuzzy. But not because I missed my show. Today was just a long day at work...I had back-to-back students. I can't sit any more. I have to move around, so I'm afraid my post is going to be cut short today.

I feel like I should apologize to my behind for sitting on it all day long. The poor thing. It'll never have curves--it'll be permanently flat! I have to get up and do something! Is that just a little more than you wanted to think about?

Well, P-girl needs help moving stuff, so I'll get to squeeze in some exercise. And my sweet beautiful G-girl is going to record the finale of DWTS for me, with a dose of Charlie Brown's Christmas Special thrown in for good measure. Isn't she a gem?

The only problem I can see is that I'll have to be SITTING DOWN to watch it! Wanna go run laps, anyone?

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