Thursday, December 13, 2007

good intentions

I had such great intentions of getting my stuff done. I had a list, checked it twice, and somehow at the end of the evening, none of it was done.

I have classwork to do for the four classes I have to complete by the end of the month. That was on my list to get done tonight. I did not. Get done, that is. Pretty soon, I'm not going to have enough hours left in the month to do them.

Then I was supposed to bake cookies and bars tonight for the school Fine Arts evening tomorrow. How was I to know I would run out of time? That was what was on my agenda for tonight. I think maybe I was going to do the baking simultaneously while studying and taking notes. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe someone could tell me who took all the hours out of the night!

So I had to go buy some cookies and bars. I used to bake up cookies and bars without breaking a sweat. Now? It's an event the kids mark on the calendar if I actually bake. Actually they check the calendar to see if it's someone's birthday or something.

Then I read the note again and it says they want volunteers to bake cookies and bars. So now what do I do with these E.L. Fudge dudes in the package? It's not like you can heat those up in the microwave and pretend you just made them. It'd be a little too obvious. Perhaps if I talk sweetly to Gee, she will bail me out. I think I should call her Wonder Girl from now on.

I didn't used to understand why people would buy instead of bake, but that was BWFT. (Before Working Full Time). **Gee just said I can't make up my own acronyms. Somebody had to make up the ones we have now, didn't they? How long does she think "LOL" has been around?** Anyway, I was a SAHM and baked when I was bored, I baked to relax, and I baked because it was much cheaper than buying something already made.

But now? Baking is just another layer in my schedule that sits on top of six other layers of things to do. And layers don't work in schedules. They only work in cakes. Do you think you can de-junk a schedule? I'd sure like to try.


Becky K. said...

Perhaps we were twins separated at birth. I cannot figure out where the hours have gone either... LOL
My 12 year old daughter just told me that she just doesn't see me as someone who bakes...I had to think about that since I used to bake all of the time. Hmmm...I guess it has been too long. Another thing to add to my "wish to do" list.
Becky K.

daisyaday said...

Oh, I love it. A "wish to do" list. I think that is my destiny! Your kids get older and you think you'll have more time--ha!