Wednesday, December 26, 2007

just READ the directions!

Santa was verrry good to me this Christmas. I've been trying to save up for a Cricut for my scrapbooking pleasure. If you don't know what a Cricut is, a Cricut is a computerized machine that will cut out cool letters and shapes for your scrapbook pages. If you do know, you'll know that there are two of them, a smaller one and a larger one.

The smaller one is the one I had my eye on because I didn't want to wait long enough to save up for the big one. It was almost twice the price. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got the big one for Christmas! My honey spoils me sooo much.

Well, last night after everyone went to bed was the first chance I had to play with it. I step-by-stepped my way through the directions for getting started, but I was so anxious to start cutting something cute out that I just started skimming through to get to the cutting out part.

I found this gorgeous piece of blue paper I wanted to use to cut out the title for a page I wanted to do. Actually, I wanted to scrap my blog post from a couple of days ago. I wanted to add pictures to the text. I could make a two page spread out of it.

There is this "slightly tacky" cutting sheet that you lay your paper on top of. The tackiness holds your paper in place so that when the machine cuts your paper, it doesn't slide around. Cool. I used one of these when I went on the Awesome Girlie Getaway weekend, and I did okay with it.

The directions said to line up your paper with the corner marking. You're supposed to carefully lay the paper in place, press down in the center of the page, and then work your fingers out to the edges and press out all the air bubbles.

So I took this pretty piece of paper, put the corner of it on the corner of the plastic tacky cutting sheet, and I kid you not. The plastic tacky cutting sheet sprang up and attached itself to my beautiful paper, and it WAS CROOKED!

What?! No! The directions didn't say anything about what to do if this happened. I tried to lift the paper up to reposition it, but Tacky Sheet had a death grip on my paper. Pulling it off was like trying to detach a terrified kitten from your sweater when the dog is barking and dancing up and down trying to get too close. Not. Happening.

Okay, fine. I was committed, so I wasn't giving up yet. I sloooowly peeled some paper along the edge. It started coming up, but I just didn't have enough hands. As soon as I let go of one part to get a grip on the next part of the paper, the first part would magically reattach itself to Tacky Sheet! And I couldn't get someone to help me because they were all SLEEPING!

After about twenty minutes, I got it off in one piece, except for one corner that tore off. I ever so carefully repositioned it and smoothed it down in place. I figured out how to type in the titles I wanted. I pressed CUT! The Cricut buzzed and tzzt'd its way around the paper. Okay. Enough. I wanted to see how it turned out, so I stopped after about three lines of words.

Now think about this. Even though it took me twenty minutes to peel that beautiful, thin paper off the incredibly sticky Tacky Sheet, I willingly and knowingly stuck my paper right back on there, thinking that somehow it would miraculously be different the second time around!

In fact this time, I had actually pressed my sheet of paper firmly down onto Tacky Sheet, you know, just in case it wouldn't stay in place. Ha! You could use one of those stinkin' Tacky Sheets for a mousetrap in a pinch. Just drop a few cookie crumbs, and there you go.

It took me another forty-five minutes to get everything off Tacky Sheet, and some of my letters tore apart as I was removing them. There was still some paper residue left on Tacky Sheet when I finally gave up.

I read back through the directions a little more carefully today and I came across this tip: "We suggest you practice on less expensive materials while becoming familiar with the features described in this User Manual." Oh really! Could we have a hint that is a little more vague, please?

And here's the best part. At the end of the English directions, THE VERY END, there is a FAQ that says:

Problem: The cutting mat is too sticky. It's ripping my paper when I try to remove it. **Yes! Do ya think???**

And here is their "solution": Use a craft knife or the Cricut Tools (sold separately) to successfully lift the material from the cutting mat.

Oh, heavenly days! This should have been a WARNING in big red letters at the beginning of the directions.

So THIS is what I was left with. Can you read the title I laid out on the white paper? Yeah, that's right. Somewhere in this there's an object lesson in irony, I think.


Becky K. said...

Bless your scrappin' heart!

Well, you will certainly have many hours of fun and en"joy"ment with this from now on...


Becky K.

daisyaday said...

I hope so...I'm going to dig out some cardstock and give that a try. I'm a little scared to give it another shot, but I bought the trusty special tools to lift the stuff up with, so hopefully it will go well.

Alicia said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas!!! Have fun with your new toy!!!