Friday, December 21, 2007

my tricky little daughter

My honey and I broke down and bought prepaid cell phones so we could have them in case of emergency. I haven't had a cell phone since they were about the size of a shoebox, so I've been learning the functions on this new phone little by little.

Gee thinks she is so tricky. She's had a cell phone for a couple of years, now, so she just zips through the menu lickety split. She LOCKED MY PHONE! She activated the password. And she just sat there smirking at me when I tried to use it.

She finally told me the password, but I still had to enter it every time I tried to access anything on my phone. I was fuming, but I didn't want her to know. I pasted my fake smile on and glared at her through it. After she laughed at me long enough, she tried to snatch it back so she could fix it. I didn't give her the satisfaction of fixing it for me. If I could figure out that I could text her from my email, I could figure this out, I told her.

"Mom! That's a computer. THIS is a phone. Give it to me!"

I figured it out myself. After she left, I looked it up in the manual for my phone. Online. The computer is my friend.


Becky K. said...

I Love that! You are too funny!
Becky K.

Miss Paula said...

Now a days when you go somewhere you need your keys and your phone. All we needs is another hand!!

Alicia said...

This is just too funny! Enjoy your new phone!