Saturday, December 15, 2007

the rest of the story...

Well, the rest of the songs, anyway. Most of the Christmas songs that I like are ones that bring back memories of Christmas when I was young. I loved music. I still do.

But in my growing up years, there just wasn't much of it because I wasn't allowed to listen to popular music on the radio. The only music we had at home was when we sang hymns on Sundays at church, or sometimes during the week. My mother would even turn the radio off if they played a commercial with music in the background. She didn't want me influenced by worldly music. I led a sheltered life. True story.

So other than being in choir at school (and learning Three Dog Night's "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" and Helen Reddy's "I am Woman"--I think she would have been appalled), the most I got to listen to music was at Christmas time. When I hear Christmas carols on the radio, I don't need to see the words for most of them. I know them because I sang/heard/played them over and over.

So without further ado, here's the rest of the list of my top twelve favorites in no particular order--because this post would then take me the rest of the whole day! Decision-making is not my forté.

1. See yesterday's post.

2. We Greet Thee, Christmas
Don't be surprised if you don't know this one. I couldn't find it online anywhere. I think someone in the LLC may have written it because that's the only place I've heard it. But it's beautiful.

3. Breath of Heaven
An Amy Grant classic.

4. Lullaby, Little Manger Boy
Again, not well known. It was on an obscure Christmas cassette I had. I've been trying to figure out who sang it.

5. Little Drummer Boy
I could always identify with the little drummer boy who had no gifts, so he gave back out of the gifts he had been given. I can harmonize on this one...I always got the alto parts. And the rum pa pa pum was perfect for a rhythm-deprived girl like me. I'm not a big Josh Groban fan, but I do like his version of this song.

6. Silver Bells
We learned this in choir, and I sang the alto part. So every time I hear this, I can harmonize and it brings back happy memories.

7. Oh, Holy Night
The sweeping melody and the wonderful imagery the lyrics create...'nuff said.

8. The Holy City
I like it for the same reason as number 7, but this one was one of my mom's favorites, too. I always think of her when I hear it.

9. Sleigh Ride
This is such a fun song! Even though I never went for a winter sleigh ride, when I sing this song, I can almost believe that I have.

10. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
This was one of my favorites as a kid, although now when I hear it, I cringe when the little kid sings, "as for me, my little brain, isn't very bright..." WHAT??

11. Ave Maria
Another traditional carol. Listen to this one by Lara Fabian. The sound quality isn't perfect, but her voice is still...mmmm mmmh!

12. Silent Night
I can't leave this one out. I remember my mom singing it in German, although she was 100% Finnish. Go figure. But I learned the alto part on this song too, so I love to harmonize when it's on the radio and I'm driving in the car by myself.

Are there any favorites you would put on your top twelve?


Jose Ponce said...

Lullabye Little Manger Boy was composed and produced by a friend of mine, Eric Larson, who passed away in 2005. I will make every attempt to find a copy of the recording and post it on our web site,

Anonymous said...

This is a favorite of mine, also from a cassette that was copied and no information as to who wrote or performed it. I hope this man can post it. Thanks.