Saturday, December 29, 2007


This was a fun meme to do with a brand new year coming up pretty soon. I found it at MotherPie and adapted it slightly. It gave me the chance to reflect on and evaluate my choices and my life activities.

I think there are some obvious areas from which I could come up with some (gasp) New Year's Resolutions. I hate those things, though, because I feel like I'm just inviting myself to fail by saying them. But I think it's just a mindset. If I rephrase it to something like, "Here are some habits I would like to develop. Let's work on one at a time," I'm much more likely to be successful.

Take Flylady's suggestions, for example. She starts you off with one simple thing: Shine your sink. Clean your sink every night. Well, built into that, of course, is the idea that the dishes will all be done. But if the concept is short and sweet, like "Shine Your Sink", then the rest will follow. I can do that.

As far as food goes, I started reading Potatoes, Not Prozac, and that is a step-by-step food management program that you can do the same way (do you like my code words for diet?). You start with one step, and when you get that, you move on to the next one. Big complicated lists turn me off. Too many steps, too much conformity, and too much structure. None of which appeal to me.

With all of that said, on to my meme. Tag yourself if you want to play and leave me a comment so I can come read!

Still Loving: my PC and high speed internet at home

Still Not: reading my Bible often enough

Still Glad: I said Yes to Jesus

Still Enjoying: sleeping in late whenever I can

Still Doing: things for other people before I do what I want to do

Still Proud: of all our children--they are amazing!

Still Amazed: at how much fun grandchildren are

Still Hoping: to refinish the house to look more like how I envision it

Still Enjoying: watching Friends DVDs

Still Grateful: my family is healthy

Still Wanting: a yellow Volkswagon bug with 70's flowers on the taillights

Still Trying: to blog every day

Still Failing: To go to bed at a reasonable hour

Still Passionate About: social justice

Still Taking up new things: Flylady's advice, bit by bit

Still Dating: my honey

Still Have Not: finished my online classes that are due by Dec 31. I know! Why am I blogging??

Still Working: on throwing away clutter

Still Reading: my email

Still Thinking: about writing that book

Still Wondering: when I'm going to feel grown up

Still Dressing: in jeans

Still To Do: house projects

Still Cherishing: my comfy bed every night when I go to sleep

Still Trying to Never: take what I have for granted

Still Will Aways: practice gratitude

Still, Still: finding something to smile about in every day


Rosemarie said...

WOW! This list shows off your best character trait...humility. You're the apple of God's eye and you’re worthy! In 2008 promise to give more to yourself, and try making most of these goals come to pass, and then let God do the rest. Sending you heaps of encouragement to succeed in every area.

Happy New Year!

daisyaday said...

Thank you, Rosemarie, for your lovely words of encouragement, and for showing me the opposite side of the coin here. I get a little frustrated because I don't always get the things accomplished that I want to do for myself, but you've described a different picture for me. I appreciate that.

Becky K. said...

That is a nice meme.

Want to do another one? You are welcome to the one I just finished.
I'm not officially "carding" anyone.

Have an awesome day!
Becky K.

MotherPie said...

Still working on throwing away clutter and still wearing jeans! I'm with you on those two.
Loved your "stills" --

New Years Cheers

daisymarie said...

I gave the "stills" a shot...did it quickly, so my answers might be different if I had given it more thought.