Friday, December 14, 2007

the twelve songs of Christmas

Well, the results of the poll are overwhelmingly in Kalan's favor.
Here is how it shook out:

Kalan: 45
Mark Lowry: 6
Other: 1
(that vote was for Donny Osmond's version. Which is also pretty good.)

Kalan's got some pretty passionate fans up in Canada. Lucky for him. Otherwise Mark Lowry woulda STOMPED him in my poll.

I love Christmas songs! I saw this post on An Ordinary Mom's blog, and thought it would be fun to tell you about my favorites.

This song, "Mary, Did You Know?" is one of the best Christmas songs ever. The only version I've heard that I like is the original by Mark Lowry, until I heard this one by Kalan Porter. Wouldn't you know it, he is the winner of the Canadian Idol. (Yes, there is a Canadian Idol show. Who knew?) You can tell he isn't totally polished, but he sings it with the reverence that this song needs. Beautiful.

You can click here to hear Mark's version if you's well worth it!

If you make it all the way through both of these, you can vote in my sidebar and tell me which one you prefer. I'm such a sap. I sit and listen to these over and over.

Okay, I know I said the twelve songs, but I only have enough of an attention span to post about one right now. I'll tell you more of them tomorrow.


An Ordinary Mom said...

As you know, "Mary Did You Know" is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. However, I still think I like the Donny Osmond version the best :) !!

daisyaday said...

I had to go listen to the Donny version, and that one is pretty good, too. I'm still in the Mark Lowry court, though.

But I think there are lots of loyal Canadians visiting. Welcome! Thanks for voting. Kalan does have a beautiful voice.

daisymarie said...

I love this song. The only contemporary Christmas song I like better would be "A Strange Way to Save the World"...

Last year I sang it as a duet with our church's choir was fun.

My favoritest of all time version was last year when my husband sang it for a banquet where we were the "program." That one will always be top on my heart.

Alicia said...

I love this song!!! It captures the birth of Jesus so perfectly!

daisyaday said...

Oh, daisymarie, if I were you, that would be my favorite, too! How cool is that.

alicia, I watch Mark Lowry sing this, and it's just as if he were there in his mind, you know? It brings the whole thing to life for me.

Wendy said...

I love this song too. Hadn't heard of the other guy! Thanks for sharing this. :)

My husband and I got to hear Mark Lowry in person a couple years ago, even heard him sing this song... it was wonderful!


Donny and Marie, and now Kalan fan said...

I was so addicted to Donny and Marie growing up. I still love them. I saw Donny when he did "Joseph and the Techni-coloured Coat" quite a few years ago. Still adorable. Too bad, I haven't heard him sing "Mary Did You Know" yet. Will check it out later.

Anyway, I am addicted to Kalan Porter now. He is brilliant in delivering any song he sings. This one "Mary Did You Know" is one of my all-time favourites of his renditions. Have you heard him singing "Still", a Lionel Ritchie cover? How about "If You Could Read My Mind" --- a Gordon Lightfoot cover?

Kalan also sings rock songs like "Born To Be Wild", a cover by the Animals (?) or was it Led Zeppelin (sp?) ?? And "Long Train Running" of the Doobie Brothers. He just turned 22, but he does have an old soul.

What I love most about Kalan is his voice and his violin. Mind you, he does play the guitar, the piano and viola. But go to YOUTUBE and watch his recent concert, he plays a killer violin! (I was speechless when he did the Verve's Bittersweet Symphony's intro with one violin instead of an orchestra!)

Kalan's new CD "Wake Up Living" is a timeless beauty --- the best released of this year 2007! Kalan did all the string arrangements, and wrote 7 songs himself. A must-have CD for all!!!

Thanks for sharing this, Daisyaday.

Immersed in music

Anonymous said...

Hello, Another Kalan Porter fan here! He performed this song recently at a charity concert for a local foodbank. He sings it beautifully and I thought you might be interested.