Sunday, January 13, 2008

coming up for air

Just checking in here. I feel like the lady on the commercial whose voice keeps running through my head: "I've fallen, and I can't get up."

My ambition has been outrunning my ability to keep up. Every day since I got sick, I think, "Oh, I could just do ...this... today. At least I'd get something done." Every day, I can't muster up the energy to do it.

All week long, I was going to clean my closet so I could fit my scrapbooking supplies in there and get them out of the living room. What did I do? Scratch. Nada. Nothing. Today, I was going to get up early. Scratch. I was going to get dressed and go to church. Scratch. Probably a good thing because who wants someone sitting behind them coughing on their neck for an hour.

Yesterday I did bake some cookies. But it wore me out. My arms and legs felt like they weighed about a thousand pounds.

But now, I have mixed up some bread dough. No, I didn't knead it. It didn't take that much energy. I'm making it per this book -- from my previous post because it says you can do it with only five minutes of work. I can do five minutes today. Not a lot more, but five minutes, yes.

I have my bread mixed up, the timer is set, and I'm catching up on reading blogs. And writing in mine. I feel bad because I wanted to blog every day this year. I'm not even out of the starting block in January and I have already fallen down and have to start over.

AND, I'm out of coffee, with no energy to go to the store to get some. I'll have to see if there is a leftover bottle of dietPEPSI on my nightstand for my caffeine fix. Blggghhh!

But on the bright side, I am keeping up with my reading buddies on Engage the Journey 08.

I'm sitting in the dining room, watching the squirrels fight over the feeder. They are so territorial! I have more food to put out for them, but like the rest of my sad story this week, I haven't done that yet. So they're left to fighting over the last few corn kernels in the feeder.

I haven't used my Cricut since I cut out my titles for my Christmas pages out of nice cardstock, but Gee has used it. She cut out the names of the months and made the cutest calendar!! You'll have to check it out. If I get space cleared out in my closet so I can get my supplies in there, I could use my little writing desk for my scrap space for now.

Possible to-do list:

Fill feeders - 15 minutes
Make another loaf of bread, FOLLOWING the directions - 5 minutes 1 1/2 hours of total time, 5 minutes of dough handling time
Clean out closet - 1 hour 4 hours
Clean out writing desk - 30 minutes 2 hours
Move scrapbooking supplies - 30 minutes 2 hours
Watch movie I bought before Christmas - 2 hours 3 hours with pauses for breaks to do other things
Make dinner early - I think I better skip straight to this step or we'll be eating dinner at 10:00 tonight!

And there it goes again...mmm hmmm. Do you see that ambition sneaking up and whispering in my ear? Shame on it for tantalizing a poor sick woman like that. I'm going to be happy with getting my bread made.


daisymarie said...

The bread would be enough of a goal for me.

What's the group blog you're a part of?

daisyaday said...

Yeah, I skipped straight from the bread to dinner. The movie stank, so I threw it away.

I'm reading along with the Engage the Journey 08--I came across it right before the end of the year. You can join in at any time. It works well for me right now because my schedule is tight. I can still have "group" but I'm home in the evenings.

AND, I'll get to read through the Bible, which I've never done before. And even if it takes a what.