Thursday, January 3, 2008

shy guy

Little X-man is a shy guy who barely makes a peep, UNTIL you put a mic in his hand. Watch when the keyboard times out--he knows exactly what to do. My li'l grandsweetie! (I borrowed that from daisymarie because it fits so perfectly)

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daisymarie said...

Grandsweetie for sure!
They know how to be heard when it counts!!!
We bought lots of noisy toys, but even I wouldn't buy a mic! giggles.

Kate McDonald said...

LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your comments on ETJ 08

Becky K. said...

They cannot get it wrong when they are soooooo cute! What a sweet little man!
Becky K.

daisyaday said...

I've had two weeks off work to spend with I have to go back to work on Monday.