Saturday, January 5, 2008

sneak attack

I have my cats on a diet. They are not one bit happy about it, either. They were both getting so BIG...I don't think it was very healthy for them. I keep their food up on the dryer so that the dog doesn't devour it. I swear, if there is food involved, Augie Doggie will go bowling for cats. He just puts his head down and plows through them to get to any food. But anyway, Tucker was getting to the point where he couldn't jump up that high. So I cut back on the food portions a little.

So now, they are slowly getting skinnier. But at night when the house gets quiet, and I get to read and blog a bit (an understatement), the cats are jumping up on the counter and the stove to see if they can find a bit of food left somewhere. Sometimes I'm so engrossed that I don't hear them (although they are very sneaky), but when I do hear them, I attack.

I keep my trusty squirt bottle on the table nearby so I don't have to jump up and chase them down all the time. That way, I just turn around and take aim, and ssssst, sssst, sssttttt! They're gone. Funny how they don't like getting squirted by water. They rush off and sit down, with their dignity all ruffled up. After a minute, they'll turn their heads around and give me the crustiest look.

But they never remember, though, that this will happen to them again if they get up on the counter again. It's like 50 First Dates, only it ought to be called 50 Great Plates. "Oooh! Somethin' smells good up on that counter. Is that leftover chicken I smell? Oh, WHY did she DO that?!"

The squirt bottle works on the dog, too. If he is getting into something and the baby is sleeping, all I have to do is silently brandish the bottle and he instantly changes his mind. He crouches down, puts his ears back, and slinks away with his tail between his legs. That is the extent of "discipline" that my animals get. The spoiled things.


Kate said...

Talk about a visual!!! Our dogs are the same way- the lie in waiting for a crumb to drop

Alicia said...

I just wanted to come over here and say thank you so much for your comment about my mom, it touched me. I love to hear good things about others living long lives after breast cancer...its very encouraging and I shared it with my mom too who was so encouraged by it. Thank you.

daisymarie said...

Poor kitties on a diet...everything becomes forbidden fruit....

I don't miss water bottle days, thought did provide an occasional good laugh...giggles.

Natalie said... you think that squirt bottle trick would work on toddlers too? ;)

Flea said...

50 Great Plates. That's great! I squirt trained my cat and it took FOREVER. The secret was the sneak attack, not letting him see me squirt him. I blogged about it here:

Like your blog!