Saturday, January 19, 2008

voted most unpopular

I heard a survey recently about the most unpopular gift received at Christmas time. Any guesses what it might be? Yes, yes it is: fruitcake!

Good thing I'm not easily swayed by peer pressure.

Wuollet's Bakery makes a dynamite fruitcake, but it's usually only available at Christmas to my knowledge, and if you check your calendar, it's well past that. However, my lovely SIL Mugs makes a darn good fruitcake, too, so we invited her out to show us how to make it. Well, we actually wanted to do this around Thanksgiving, but life was pretty crazy then. So we postponed the date until January. Now we're all cozy here at our house on this crazy, ultra-cold weekend, hanging out in the kitchen making these beauties.

We spent about $40 on all the ingredients and baked about fourteen one-pound fruitcakes. I think it came out to just over $3.00 apiece, not counting our time or labor. Not bad. And now we have to wait two to four weeks for them to "ripen." Ripening consists of wrapping the fruitcakes with waxed paper, refrigerating them, and once or twice a week, taking them out, unwrapping them, and "basting" them with a mixture of orange juice and brandy before returning them to the refrigerator.

They smell fabulous. If you've never tasted fruitcake, the base is a spice cake batter. You cram so much dried fruit, candied fruit and nuts into the batter that you just have clumps of batter by the time you're done mixing it. I think the batter's main purpose is to just hold the fruit together while you bake it.

FOUR WEEKS??? I can't stand it. I'm the kind of baker who, as soon as the stuff is out of the oven, has to taste a piece of it. This is going to drive me absolutely bonkers.


Rosemarie said...

Now I have to try some! :)

daisydreamer said...

Hold the fruit. I'll just take the spice cake with nuts, slap some cream cheese frosting on it and enjoy it right from the oven. I think I have a mix in the pantry...pardon me while I look....

daisyaday said...

Mmm, I've got a friend who said the same thing. She wants to make the spice cake part of it. I'll have to try that. (The batter was delicious.)