Monday, January 21, 2008

a winner!

There's always the "good news, bad news" thing I go through when I have a drawing. I'm happy to choose someone, but then for every winner, there are some losers. I hate that part.

Without further ado, then, I'm pleased to announce that jenny's mama is my winner! Congratulations, mama.

I'm sending you an email--please send me your addy so I can send you your treasures. And thank you to the rest of you for visiting. I love hearing from you.

This brings a long uneventful day to an end. I puttered around, trying to get out of the house to go a few places and it took me forever. Then I stopped in at Urgent Care to see if they thought I had pinkeye. They did, so I get to put drops in for a week, give or take. I really think I need to get some more sleep on a regular basis so I stay healthier. And on that note, I'm going to bed. Sleep tight!


Zach, Kim, Clayton & Sydney said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend. I love it! I have been messing with my blog for quite sometime trying to get it to look just right. Could you tell me where you got your background??? It is wonderful. I am a huge Daisy lover, and I really like your page/layout/etc. Thanks for any help you can give me!

daisyaday said...

Hi Kim,

Send me your email and I can give you more details.

I had Maggie make me a header, but I customized the rest myself from the Scribe template on Blogger. I don't think she is currently doing blogwork, though.

daisyaday at gmail dot com