Friday, January 25, 2008

yippee! it's Friday!

Oh, what a relief. Friday's here! And even though we are watching one of the babies tomorrow, it's still not the same as going to work.

I can get something done in my room. That's been my refrain for about a month, now. We'll see.

You know, I've been dreaming about creating this restful bedroom, kind of a peaceful getaway place. Ours has a ways to go to get there. But I've been thinking, just as soon as I get it feeling and looking nice and restful and really cool, the kids will come and invade! Then it'll be like the rest of the house again. Is that deafeatist thinking?

Because to me, a restful getaway is QUIET. Hushed. Peaceful. No noise. And sure as can be, someone would want to watch TV in there because it's quiet. Or they'd come take a nap in there. They'd sweat on my clean sheets. Eeeww! It's one thing when it's my sweat. But when I put clean sheets on the bed, I don't even like someone to WRINKLE them before I get to sleep on them.

Goin' into the weekend with an attitude. It can only get better. *grin*


daisydreamer said...

I would love to have that kind of room. If we were able to buy the house that we've been praying has a master suite: a bedroom, a sitting room (opening on to a balcony) and a bathroom with a clawfoot tub. I would make it a sounds divine.

I love clean sheets and last summer at a garage sale I a very expensive set of sheets. I just feel spoiled sleeping on them. Yum.

daisyaday said...

Oh, my brain says, "Ahhh" when I'm reading your description. I'd never leave it. I could order in food every day, and just leave the trash outside the door where it would magically vaporise itself and disappear.

Yeah right. Maybe that's why I can't keep the house clean. Unusually unrealistic expectations. Ha!