Friday, February 29, 2008

it's a caaaat's world

You know that song, It's a Man's World? My honey wants to make that song play every time someone goes into the garage. It's the one last haven he has!

Well, here in the house it's a cat's world. D-girl is living with us now, along with X-man and her two cats. Sure, no problem...the more the merrier, I said. Although the girls might not always think so because they are the ones sharing the room and having to get along in tight quarters. I love it, though, because I get to see little man every single day, and I love seeing the kitties, too.

But now the cats get into little scraps and tussles all night long. It's the whole territorial thing, my honey tells me. "You can't stop it," he says. "There has to be a pecking order. Tucker has to lay down the law and let all the cats know he's the boss." What. Ever.

Of course, I'm coming from a woman's point of view, so I'm thinking, "Why can't they all just get along? Can't they just share and cooperate?" It makes so much more sense to me. And he just rolls his eyes. It's not going to work that way, apparently, no matter how much I lecture and scold them.

Tucker and Franklin bully the bejeebers out of D-girl's two cats. Charli-mama gets the worst of it for some reason. She's the only female one of the cats. Well, she's the smallest, too, so maybe she is scared. Or maybe she just has a PMS attitude all the time. But she'll walk around the house, stopping and hissing. It reminds me of those Westerns or cop shows where the guys go into the place, whipping their guns around ahead of them at every corner, looking for the bad guy. Charli walks around, stopping every five feet, hissing at any potential object that she thinks might move. It's hysterical.

But she has a hairball, I think, because she keeps throwing up. And she jumps up on E's bed before she does it. So she can't be in there. Can you imagine laying down for a nice night's rest, stretching out your legs, and gaaaaaaakkkk! You find ice-cold, soaking wet cat barf with your feet. So much for a peaceful transition to sleep. So now Charli just hangs around the girls' bedroom door in the hallway all night, waiting to sneak in there.

And since she isn't able to hide in there, there's always some cat action going on. No, not that kind of action. Fighting kind of action. (Sorry, that just popped out. This really is a family-friendly blog.) Everywhere you go in the house, there are cats who have issues with each other. You are almost tripping over them all the time. My squirt bottle is getting some good use keeping those cats in line. I could have used that the other morning when my foot got run over.

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