Sunday, February 24, 2008

how did I not know?

How in the world did I not ever know about Nutella? If you ever watch Giada on the Food Network, you know about Nutella. I had to try it. It is the most amazing thing. Creamy chocolate hazelnut delight. I have been losing my taste for chocolate, but Nutella is a whole new ballgame.

I better pray about that!

I prayed to lose my taste for chocolate, and I did. Sounds weird, I know, but I think I was addicted to it. I had to have it. I'd go crazy. Now I can take it or leave it. If I eat it, I can eat just one piece and not have to have any more. But I don't really like it. Nutella? I love, love, love.

But now, I'm working on my taste for all things sweet. No, wait. I'm not working on it. I'm praying about it. God is working on it.

I think I'll be healthier without it. I need to lose weight. I don't want to become diabetic. All of that stuff that comes up in my face when I go in for my yearly physical. Cholesterol, triglycerides...all that yukk.

But to give up Nutella, just when I've found it? Okay, okay. Whatever it takes.

It's so interesting. God is such a gentleman, but when you ask for help, you better be ready to do your part. Ever since I started praying about this, God has started talking to me about it. And you can play games with yourself, but you can't play them with Him.

This sounds so different now than when it happened, but I'll try to explain. Usually the last thing at night, I take my vitamins and my allergy meds. I have a small snack so I don't get an upset stomach. I was going to have a few Dots last night, and just as I thought of that, it was like God was sitting right there next to me on the bed. Whoa!! I stopped reaching for them and sat back up.

"What are you doing?" he asked. And there was this expectation, this understanding, that he was communicating to me. "How serious are you? This is your part, and you have to say NO to those Dots tonight. I'm here, I'm on board...are you?"

"They're just Dots," I faltered. "Dots are not that big a deal, right?"

"No, they're not 'just Dots'. It's time to give them up. This is the time for you to do that. It's time to start."

Ouch. How do you say no to God? I put my hands up--I surrendered. Okay, God. You're right. I'll say no. And I turned my back on them, literally, and settled down on my pillow to sleep.

And as much as I'm delighted with Nutella, I'm giving it to Him. If He's on my side here, I sure don't want to be the one sabotaging my own health, especially after I just got done asking Him for help! It's time to walk the walk.

That goes for the Fun Bugs I love, little gummy treats with "bug juice" (fruity flavored syrup) inside of them. And the donut holes, and the Pull N Peel cherry licorice strips. Right now, in this season, I need to say Good Bye to them.

Well, I told you it sounds much different when I try to write it than it did in my head, but there you go. Another snippet of the real me. Are you scared, yet? Ha!

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