Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it was a "fortunately--unfortunately" kind of day

Unfortunately I got bad news at work first thing this morning...not about me, but about a coworker. I won't share any more than that, but if you're the praying kind, please keep this person's family in your prayers.

Then we had meetings all day, which made a change from my usual schedule. That was okay. Fortunately we made progress in our meetings.

Unfortunately, we talked too long and I didn't have time to eat lunch.

Fortunately, a friend left the cutest little gift bag on my desk for my birthday--it was so sweet! It cheered me right up.

After work, I went home and gathered my library books that were overdue. I got to the library and wanted to pick up my books on hold...and unfortunately discovered my purse was still at home. Grrr!

Fortunately, the librarian knows me and let me check out my books on hold without going all the way back home to get my purse. I drove home to get my purse and drove the other direction to the other branch library (a different county system) to bring back my overdue books from that library.

Unfortunately, my honey called me as I was driving there and told me that my library card had fallen on the floor at the house. Little X-man must have pulled it out of my purse.

Fortunately I didn't need it at this library because I was just dropping my books off, not checking any more out.

Before I got to the library, I was sitting at the stoplight getting ready to go because the light had just turned green. Unfortunately, I felt a huge thump as I was rear ended from behind.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to put my foot on the brake to keep my car from hitting the car in front of me. Neither one of us was hurt. Extremely fortunate. I feel like I fell down or something...you know how things ache a little when that happens, especially when you are part of that special older population!

Unfortunately, my trunk was dented in because his bumper was higher than mine.

Fortunately, the trunk still opens just fine and the car seems to have sustained no other damage.

I had to return one thing at Target, and when I was there, I cruised through the Valentine candy department to scan for Peeps. My BFF had orange creme and cocoa Peeps this weekend, but she was raving about the vanilla creme Peeps the most. Unfortunately, she liked them so much she didn't save any for me to try.

Fortunately, the Target I stopped at had Peeps, so I bought some strawberry ones and some vanilla creme ones to taste.

Unfortunately the strawberry ones were not so great. They were too sweet.

Fortunately, our unanimous vote was that the vanilla ones were AWESOME!!! My BFF was right. I had to call her to tell her so.

True story.


Kristi said...

I like your style during this post. I'm glad you were okay from the bumper bump. We never get a chance to eat anything pink or red in our house anymore (due to a red dye allergy in my son)but I like the good old yellow peeps the best. I hope things go better for you co-worker soon.

Becky K. said...

What a cool way to share your day.

Hope all is well for your co-worker soon.

I also hope that you are able to get your car fixed without to much trouble.

What a day!
Becky K.