Friday, February 15, 2008

a long and complicated story

Arghh! I can't believe it's been three days since I posted anything. I really wanted to fake the date and make it look like I didn't miss any days, but then I figured, why bother. No one else really cares, and the only one (me) who it matters to, already knows anyway! I am such a fork, I mean dork. LOL.

Well, back to my story. On the bloggy giveaway last, wait. It was two weeks ago. TWO weeks! Anyway, I was offering a Coldstone Creamery giftcard for one lucky winner. My new bloggy friend Kristi at Music Mom of 2 was the one.

Okay, so she sent her addy very promptly, but since I love to send little extras in with my giveaways, I had to wait to send her giftcard until I found the thing I wanted to include. I can't tell you yet what it is because she hasn't seen it, and I don't want to spoil it for her in case she comes back to read.

Well, if you've spent any time at all reading here, you know all about my black hole. Right now the black hole is at its peak, I think. It's taken over one whole side of my room. The side I need open to walk around the end of the bed. Yeah. Well, her little extra was "somewhere" in the black hole.

Okay. So I searched through a little part of it each day, and I couldn't find those suckers. I looked in the desk next to the black hole. Nothing. I thought about it for a couple of days to think if there was anything else I could include instead. Nada. Nothing else appealed to me.

Finally, Tuesday morning before work, I started pulling stuff out of the closet and piling it on the bed. That's the thing about the black hole. It's kind of fluid, and organic. It's like a giant piece of Floom, or is it Floam? Floam. It'll move around. It's flexible. You can bend it, shape it, stack it, or just toss it down on the floor. I don't think you can fold, spindle or mutilate it, though. Just for those of you who are verrry technical and want to know those things.

So the black hole was overflowing onto my bed, and I was going through every box that I thought these "things" were in. It was driving me crazy!!! But a light bulb went on, and I thought, "Why don't I look in the drawer where I keep the other things that are like those things?" I opened the drawer as far as I could, which wasn't far, considering there was a huge chunk of the black hole right in front of the drawer. And there they were! Sitting out in plain sight as soon as I cracked open the drawer. Duh. Big duh.

Meanwhile, the pile was still sitting on the bed. I didn't have time to put everything back neatly, so I had to fling it all back up onto the pile in the closet to get it off the bed. For some reason it looked like it was stacked even higher than before! Maybe it multiplies when you disturb it.

So then, I got the things together and brought them with me to work. I was going to stuff them into the envelope and address the envelope to Kristi and send it on its way. I started addressing her card, and for some reason, I wrote another person's name and address who I had to send something to. So much for sending the card that day. I had to wait till I got home and got another envelope. I had only brought one. I should have known.

"But wait!" I thought. I could put a label over the name and write Kristi's name and address. Ta da! So I did that, and although it looked tacky, I could live with it. Perfect. I wrote a nice little note on her card, but when I went to tuck the card into the envelope, THE ENVELOPE WAS TOO SMALL!!! I wanted to bang my head on the desk, but the keyboard was in the way. I really didn't want to greet my first student after lunch with y-u-i-o-p dented into my forehead backwards.

I told you this was long and complicated. And you wonder why it takes me so long to get things done. So Tuesday evening, after American Idol was over, I remembered to find a bigger envelope for the card. I put it into my purse, because after all, there were too many things going on to try to focus on it at home. I waited until Wednesday to try again.

Wednesday at lunch, I pulled out the card, the things, and the envelope. I held up the card to the envelope--YES! It was going to fit. I opened the flap on the envelope, and ... oh, no! Part of the flap must have gotten wet and was already permanently stuck shut. The flap ripped. I was so mad I could have jumped up and down and stomped my feet. I had to rip it open along the fold. I stuffed the card and the things into the envelope anyway and stuck little cute flower stamps along the front. "Stay there!" I barked, and I sealed it shut.

I was driving to the post office to mail the card last night, but that stinkin' little flappy thing bothered me. What if the open piece caught on some sorting machine or something? What if the envelope came open and it all fell on the floor? What if there was mail laying all over that floor that got caught on a corner or the machine and got ripped open? Would the post office people know what went with what? My mind was racing like little Hammy running around in his wheel. I couldn't mail it until I taped it up. I just couldn't. I had no tape in my purse, and none in my bag or in the car anywhere. So I had to bring it home with me again for some tape.

I couldn't find any tape at home when I looked this morning, but I was in a huge hurry. I forgot to wake E-girl up and she missed her bus and I had to bring her to school before I went to work. So I really had NO time to look.

So here I am, back at work again on my lunch hour, taping up this envelope so it doesn't tear open and spew its contents all over the post office floor. So Kristi, when you get this envelope, hopefully you will understand the three pounds of tape stuck all over it for insurance and the unforgivably long time you had to wait for it. Please, oh please let me have put enough postage on the thing. The worst thing would be for you to have to wait this long and then have to pay postage due charges on top of it all. *whew!* I'm out of breath after all that.

It's going to take me all weekend to recover from this stress. Oh. *grin* The weekend is going to be lovely. My birthday is tomorrow, and we're going to a honey's sister is coming with us because she's going to come up for the weekend. How fun is that going to be! I laugh my head off when she's over. I get to watch the whole "big sister - little brother" dynamics going on. Then, I have an extra day off for President's Day...can you say sleeeeeep in? Yippee! Things are getting better by the minute!!


daisydreamer said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you. Enjoy your movie and your time with your friend...laughter is such good medicine!!!

daisy said...

Thank you daisydreamer! We are probably going to see The Bucket List. Gee told me we would like that one "because we are old and we think about dying." LOL

Any new blog news yet?

Merrie said...

Thank you for sharing your day. I WISH that I did not understand it so well! Glad that you persevered and conquered!
Hope your birthday was wonderful!

Kristi said...

I'm sorry to have been such stress to you. Thank you for your effort. I would have understood if you wrote and said, just forget it...I just can't handle this" :) I can't wait to see the package. Happy Birthday.

Valerie said...

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I got this link from Kristi (music mom of 2) and had to laugh becuase that is soooo my life. My husband is an accountant and is always telling me "if you put things back where they belonged and cleaned up as you went" and I hear "yada, yada, yada". We just spent 2 days looking for his bible study book which I brought home from church and put with my oboe in my symphony bag, makes sense doesn't it. Thanks for sharing and reminding that I'm not the only disorganized moms out there.