Monday, February 11, 2008

a Monday by any other still Monday!

Today was a complete wash.

I had a doctor appointment for my yearly physical, and it was not any more fun than last year. Do you ever notice that it's like stepping into the Twilight Zone when you go to the doctor? Usually you never discuss your weight. At the doctor's office, you step boldly onto the scale in front of the nurse so she can write it down for other people to see.

Then you get into the exam room, answer a bunch of questions that they already know the answer to, and then it's time to change into the hideous little gown they leave for you on the table. It never closes all the way, and it doesn't cover everything anyway. You wouldn't wear a bathing suit that doesn't cover you from your knees up to your neck, and yet you squeeze into this funny little piece of fabric and calmly wait for the doctor to come in when half of you is still hanging out there in the breeze.

Sometimes I wonder how they can do the job they do. Honestly, if I had to check me out, I'd probably have to excuse myself to go into the other room and just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. But we just smile and pretend that this is all normal. And then we get dressed again, and go out into the world where people keep their clothes on while they talk about what is going on in their lives. Weird.

I usually try to schedule my physical around my birthday as a gift to myself--taking care of myself. (Actually, it also makes it less likely that I will forget to do that.) My birthday falls on a weekend this year. Hooray! I'm glad I don't have to take a vacation day, though. I usually take the day off just because.

We're going to go out to a movie on Saturday to celebrate. Does anyone have a recommendation for a movie that is in the theaters right now? You can see on my profile that you'll be wasting time recommending anything too scary, sicko, violent, racy, or just plain stupid. To make it short, I'm a sucker for a clever, clean, sappy romantic comedy with a happy ending. How tough is that? C'mon, I wanna see a good movie.

I really don't have issues about getting another year older. I'm happy to be old enough not to worry so much about what other people think. Heck, I'm almost fifty! Almost old enough for the Red Hat Club! And you can bet your buttons that I'm going to join one when I get there.

It's something to celebrate that I made it that far. I keep waiting for my grey hair, but I only find one or two once in a while. Those are merit badges, you know? I know I've earned them, but they're slow in coming. My mom was in her eighties before she really started to go grey, and even then, it wasn't completely grey. If that's hereditary, I guess I'll be waiting a while!


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daisydreamer said...

I'm so curious about what you decided to see. I would love to go see 27 Dresses. I heard it was good...or the one with the dad who has a daughter and is starting to date.