Monday, February 4, 2008

quiet time? not hardly

I was so hoping that this evening would be quiet and non-eventful so that I could cozy up to my bedroom closet, getting all personal like that while I clean it out all the way to the back of it. All I had to do was get dinner done, and the night was mine.

So I was getting ready to make dinner, but I couldn't find anything I needed. Couldn't find the spatula I wanted, the pot I needed was dirty, and there was NO SPACE to work! I started getting crabby. "I quit! I'm not making dinner tonight until this is cleaned up." There.

I started cleaning. Grudgingly. THEN it got quiet. Actually the kids just kind of disappear when I start putting clean dishes away and they bounce back out of the cupboard at me. Bang! Crash!

"What's wrong?" someone says.

"Noth-thing," I snap, biting off my syllables, leaving only the sharp edges. The word "Nothing," spoken by a woman, according to an email I received recently, is simply loaded with multiple meanings, not one of which is actually nothing. Darn it. They are telling all of my secrets now. (Google "Nine Words Women Use" and you can read the whole thing.)

Then I started practicing throwing things away. I was cleaning off the counter, and I was throwing away everything that had been sitting there too long.

Catalog? If I haven't looked at it in a week, I don't need anything out of it. Out with it. Candle holder? Do I use it or have I just not put it away since I took it out of the cupboard to look for the spice grinder? Out with it. Box of cereal that has about a cup of cereal left in the bottom? Out it goes.

On to the refrigerator. Leftovers...more than a day old? Out. Anything not used in the last few weeks? Out. What is it? I dunno. Out.

I started looking at the cats and the rabbit, but common sense overtook me then. Okay, that was a joke, which if you know me, you would know already. If I tossed them out, I'd be the one going looking for them in the middle of the night. :D The cats are more spoiled than the grandbabies are at this house.

Okay, I'll skip over a bunch of my whining and throwing a fit, now. It's just more of the same. So the rest of my night went like this: I got dinner done, J-boy did a bunch of dishes, and I watched Dance Wars in between cooking stages. Yes, that's right! I got to watch Dance Wars. Yippee!

And I think Bruno shoots himself in the foot all the time by being such a hotshot know-it-all. He lost a team member again this week. And with all the negative comments about Carrie Ann's team, he'll probably lose another person next week. At least Carrie Ann tries to give a fair summary of both teams, not just hers. I know it's supposed to be about the dancers, but I think I would vote for the whichever one of them I liked the best. It's probably all show for the ratings anyway. Isn't it always about the ratings, which makes it all about the money? Ick.

By the time all that was done and I did a little blogging (yes I know that was sidetracking--hush!), Barack Obama was on TV, giving his speech in Boston. I wasn't about to clean a stinkin' closet then--I wanted to hear every word. (Tomorrow is Super Tuesday...don't forget to vote in your primary if there's one in your state.) Now his speech is done, and oh, what time is it again??? Bed time. Grrr.

The piles are almost up to the top of the closet doorway now. They're multiplying! Someone fed them growth hormones or steroids or something. I'm going to bed to dream of the piles turning into clouds, floating up to the ceiling, disappearing out my window, never to be seen again.


Kristi said...

I am so happy that someone else shared their grumpy side on their blog...I thought I was the only one.

I found a neat video on Obama while I was blog-surfing last night. It is on my post from last night.

Alicia said...

Thanks for being so honest! We all have our grumpy times and I am the same way when my kitchen is not in order or something isnt where it should be!