Saturday, February 9, 2008

we have a house fairy!

Yesterday we got the nicest surprise! We fiddled around most of the morning doing this and that...I couldn't even tell you right now what all we did. Piddly things like making coffee, just doing the "too many people in the kitchen" dance, looking for things that had been sucked into the black hole, gathering birthday presents to send up north with the boys for our grandsweeties. Before I knew it, it was after noon and we still hadn't gotten going to my twinnie's house.

We were going on a field trip to her house to give her a hand getting some things set up. She has been plugging away on getting her boxes unpacked, but didn't know how to set up the satellite box with her DVD player, etc. We helped her rearrange big furniture, and we got things hooked up so they worked right. Well, I have to be honest. My honey did all the hooking things up so they worked right. If it was just me, we would have been watching a movie on the little tiny TV and ordering pizza. "Maybe next time..." she would say wistfully.

We left there around 10 pm or so. There are a few more things left to put together, but we ran out of time. There is a play date or two still to come. But you're probably still wondering about this house fairy thing I hinted at. When we got home around 11 or so, the house was spotless. Everything had been picked up, put away neatly. The floor had been vacuumed, and the dishes had been washed and put away. Wowza mowza! J-boy had been as busy as a bee while we were gone. I guess we should leave him home alone more often! What a sweet surprise.

So instead of cleaning the house the rest of the weekend, I can focus on the black hole. If you don't hear from me within a few days, please contact the proper authorities to start a search party. Toodle-loo!

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