Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it's not Eze, saying goodbye to Chikezie

I was SO disappointed tonight. I had to record AI because foolishly, I had scheduled a haircut appointment right at 8:00, of all times on a Wednesday. What was I thinking?

Then I got home with my brand new "do" (well, it's a recycled one, almost like the last one), and had to wait patiently as someone was watching something. As soon as the TV was free, though, I was replaying the AI show from tonight. The first thing out of the chute--Chikezie's in the bottom three. WHAT??

The next one is Syesha. Just as bad. Oh, stink. And then Kim? I think her name is Kim...she could have gone home. No. Kristi. It's Kristi. Why can't I remember that? Why isn't it Jason, Ramiele, and Kristi? They're MY bottom three.

Well, I'm consoling myself with thoughts of Kimberly Locke...she came in third in Season 2, and it doesn't look like it has hurt her any. A record deal or two, and a nice restaurant thrown in? Not bad at all.

On the bright side, Chikezie will still be going on tour with the top 10. He has a great chance of getting a record deal, and, AND, I can buy his songs on iTunes right now! In fact, I might have to go there now to pick up David Cook's song from last night. Very nice. Now I have a break from reality shows for a couple of days...time to get some work done.


Anonymous said...

I thought Jason was in the bottom 31. I don't remember who was. But it was Jason or Kristi. And I thought that the tour was with the final 12...just wondering. Sounds like you are too crazy with Chikezie...

daisydreamer said...

I agree with your choices for bottom three. Chikezie and Syesha in the bottom 3 was just plain wrong!!!

Alicia said...

I love that you call it a recycled "do!!" So cute!! I know AI was very interesting last night, but I think he will for sure get a deal!

daisy said...

That is the hardest thing about watching these shows for me. I pick out my favorites, and then they get cut. :( Well, it's not the end of the world, but it's kind of a fun distraction. And thanks for visiting, everyone!

daisydreamer, are you blogging anywhere yet? I miss hearing about your days and your thoughts.

My do got a little updated, stacked up a little higher in the back, but it's still pretty basic. It wasn't drastic enough for anyone at work to notice. It keeps me from taking my hair too seriously. Ha!

Crazy Daisy said...

thanks for stopping by my weekend flair post today! Are the photos not working on your end? I have 3 posted with it. I just wanted to make sure!!