Saturday, March 8, 2008

plans gone badly, madly awry

Last night, I just want to tell you. I don't much like grocery shopping. I was planning on going grocery shopping, but I didn't. I went with Dee-girl to urgent care for little X-man, to help her carry stuff, you know? He's been so sick that he hasn't been eating, and all he does is sleep.

I had such a horrible evening that I would RATHER have been grocery shopping.

That clinic has the most UNcomfortable chairs! You know how it always takes forever if you don't have an appointment, and urgent cares are first come first served, of course. Well, I think I sat there, or tried to sit, for well over an hour in these stupid chairs. And they were all the same. I tried changing spots a couple of times, but it didn't help a bit! The chairs were skinny, with sharp wooden arms that dug into your sides, well, my sides anyway. I take up a little more space than some, I know, but still. Have a bench or two, people. For crying out loud. You hate big people or something?

And the seat was short. No, not like...not tall. Short, like it didn't come out towards my knees far enough. So I'm wedged in to this evil half-chair, and I'm tired, hot, itchy, and getting crabby. Did I mention twitchy, too? When I get tired, I get twitchy and I can't sit still. I have to be kicking my feet or something. It's really bad.

I don't think it's restless leg thing, whatever they call it in their cute little graphicky ads. It goes away as SOON as I get my jammies on and I get to lay down and relax. But before that? Look out!

So I'm fidgeting. And twisting. And every time I move, I slide down a little more in the chair, and at the same time, get more firmly wedged between the arms of the chair. Oh, it was killing me! So I finally just stood up and looked at the fish tank while Dee-momma was in the exam room with X-man and the doctor. Boooooorrrrring.

And what was the doctor's conclusion? The only thing it ever is lately.
A v i r u s. I could have guessed that, and Dee could have saved herself twenty dollars for the copay. But you can't play flu roulette with babies, so we take them in and make sure.

So the car ride home was like a scene from a nightmare. The heat was frying my left shin, but the car was still cold so we had to leave the fan on high. My wool coat was making me hot and itchy. There were too many things on my lap and I was getting claustrophobia. It was awful. I had to do labor breathing, seriously, to keep myself from just freaking out, kicking my feet, flailing my arms around and screaming like a banshee.

Just breathe. Don't think about it. Iiiiiin ... oooouuuuut ... iiiiiiiiin ... oooouuuuut.

I didn't want to upset the X by having him think his gramma was a psycho lady from Hanna Banana land, so I just did my deep breathing and thought about my happy place--my cozy, comfy, roomy BED!

And instead we grocery shopped for the next week--tonight. Do you know that you can't shop for your family on the same money that you did a couple of years ago? But that's a whole 'nother story that I'll save for some other day when I want to rant and rave.


Kristi said...

I have heard the story so many times this year...miserably sick, go to the doctor...virus. The virus is particularly bad this year and has pretty much rendered people motionless. I hope everyone's feeling better soon.

Becky K. said...

Oh, you poor dear.

I can sympathize on a couple of levels. Being at the ER with my Mother-in-law and being one of four with that HORRIBLE virus in our house.

I am finally crawling out of bed as two more kids are terribly sick with it.

Too much...cannot wait for spring!!!

Take care of yourself so you don't get it too.

I'm waiting for your take on the top 12...please?

Becky K.

Alicia said...

Wow, you poor girl! This virus thing is just awful! All the teachers at work have had it, I luckily am still well. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Next time take the grocery store route. Remember this experience.

daisy said...

LOL. Yeah, that's what I tell myself. It sounds good, but the mom gene kicks in when I remember how hard it was to do things by myself when the kids were little. I'd go to urgent care with her again. Grocery shopping would be copping out!

Love makes it all worthwhile. Of course, maybe when I get spazzy like that, maybe she WISHES I had stayed home. Ha!