Thursday, March 6, 2008

results night!

Do not call my house between 7 and 8 pm tonight. If I am back from grocery shopping, I will be obnoxiously glued to Fox watching the Idol results show. If not, I will be dancing with frustration in the cereal aisle, wishing I were watching the Idol results show. We're picking the top 12, people!

I watched the girls last night, and there were some great performances. I wasn't as enthusiastic about Amanda's performance as the three judges seemed to be. She did it's just not great to me. Maybe her personality is a little off-putting to me.

Well, it's a short, sweet post. Until later!


Velvia said...

Were you happy with their choices? I watched American Idol for the first time last season and enjoyed it, I had to see for myself what the fuss was all about. This season I've only caught snippets. There seem to be so many really talented performers this season, I'm glad I'm not a judge. Have a great weekend!

daisydreamer said...

I didn't get to hear all the girls so it was hard to know judge the judging. I was floored though that they sent Luke home...I wasn't disappointed that the other guy was gone.

daisy said...

I'm so bummed that Danny went home. I'll miss him. They could have sent Jason home, though, and I would have been happier about that.

For the girls, I'm sorry A'siah went home. I would have sent Amanda instead. I usually temper my statements like this, but I'm going to step out on a limb and say she isn't going to make it to the top three anyway.