Sunday, March 2, 2008

too much stuff

When I think about all my clutter, which I do on almost a daily basis, I'm only seeing it on a very micro level. What about a more macro perspective? How about if I think about all the people in my town who might have a problem with too much "stuff"? Or all the people in my state? Or the entire United States? There's a reason that you see those lovely little Public Storage businesses on nearly every corner these days. People have so much stuff that they can't even keep it all in their house. They need a place to safely store all this crap.

I came across this little video, "The Story of Stuff," when I was browsing blogs. I've seen it a few times, and thought it had an important message. You might have seen it, too, but if you haven't, take a few minutes and check it out. Muy interesante.

Kind of gives me a bigger perspective on my "stuff", and I have more incentive to clean up my act AND my black hole. Which is still, by the way, almost to the ceiling in my bedroom closet. It's lurking there, waiting to tip over and land on an unsuspecting groggy person (me) as I walk gingerly past on the way to or from bed.

The obituary will say, "Her mummified body was discovered underneath several tons of debris. We think that she died of fright as she tried to escape being buried underneath an avalanche of 'stuff'." NOW don't you want to go watch the video?


Tanna Clark said...

The Story of Stuff is eye opening. It's the little things that you don't think about. Like always wanting the newest or smallest version of something too. It's a visious cycle. I've been planning on doing a post on this as well. It's something I will show my kids when they understand more.

daisydreamer said...

I sat and watched the whole thing. I'm going to try and figure out how I can show it to the folks we work with.

Simply yet powerfully presented.

Thank you for sharing this!!!

Amy said...

My hubby and I are currently working on our clutter issues. We've got big plans for eBay. :)

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

Velvia said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog, you have a great sense of humor! I'll be back to visit again.

Alicia said...

Oh how the clutter never ends!! I clean one thing and then the next week more is there! We are such consumers and your post is so good in making me think "do I really need all this stuff?" Love the obituary!! never thought about ALL those storage companies, we do have way to much to handle!!