Monday, March 10, 2008

top twelve, and more

This is a perfect time to put the top twelve in order of my faves.

If we're talking about the guys and the gals separately, it'd go like this.

1. David Archuleta
2. Chikezie
3. Michael Johns
4. David Hernandez
5. David Cook
6. Jason Castro

1. Carly Smithson
2. Syesha Mercado
3. Kristy Lee Cook
4. Brooke White
5. Ramiele Malubay
6. Amanda Overmyer

It's hard because I want to lump some of them together. Personality-wise, some of them get on my nerves, but voice-wise, this is it.

So how was your weekend? Mine went by fast because it seems like all I did is catch up on housework OTHER than the black hole. I did start reading Jodi Picoult's new book, Change of Heart. Love it! The constant twists and turns keep you guessing, and you never quite know where the story is going. I was up reading muuuuuch later than I should have been. Then add into that the "spring ahead" time change...boy it was hard to get up this morning.

Speaking of books...tomorrow is the big day! Look for a preview, an interview, and a giveaway of Roberta Simpson's book, Nana's Bible Stories! She is one neat lady. She has more energy than I ever remember having. And she's an unbelievably young-looking 71 years old. This is her first book! What an inspiration to a wanna-be writer. Check out her's crazy interesting! I just fell in love with this lady. I want to be her neighbor and go play flashlight tag after dark! That's all I am going to say.

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Jamie said...

I read "My Sister's Keeper" by was amazing, but I was in tears, and I vowed I would never read another of her books again. It was just too emotional for me! I like happy books! lol...