Saturday, March 1, 2008

ya gotta be kidding me!

I just read a story where the police arrested this guy at gunpoint because they thought the MP3 player in his pocket was a gun.

Good grief. Talk about overkill. Of course police are relentlessly stereotyped for inappropriate consumption of coffee and donuts. Perhaps it was an overdose of sugar that caused them to react so inappropriately. Or maybe I just have sugar on the brain. I've been staying away from the Dots, and the M&M' I think it's time to kick this sugar addiction right in the shorts.

I've been reading on the Radiant Recovery website about sugar sensitivity. Listen to this...

Yes, you can get addicted to sugar, sweet foods, and white-flour products (which your body responds to as if they were sugars). This addiction is physiological and affects the same biochemical systems in your body that are affected by addictive drugs like morphine and heroin.

You can actually get "high" on sugar. Eating it can make you feel euphoric immediately. If you don't have your regular sugar "fix," you can experience withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms.

Your body has a special biochemistry. As a result, you have a different response to sugar than a person with a normal biochemistry. Your heart sings at the sight of a newly opened box of chocolates. Your molecules jump to attention when you get a whiff of bread fresh from the oven.

Wowza. Are they talking about me or what? And PMS makes it so much worse. I do get a rush off of a fresh dose of sugar.

I found a list of seven steps on the website for people with this to take...fortunately reducing or eliminating sugars is number 6 out of 7! Whew. They give you an easy thing to do to start: Eat breakfast with protein. You do that until you get it down pat. Then you can move on to the next step. Oh! It's not even an eating change. It's just journal what you eat and how you feel.

It's seductive, though, because they all sound so easy you want to leap in and do them all at once. And they say specifically NOT to. The next step is eat three meals a day with protein. All this protein keeps your blood sugar stable. Verryyy clever. And then, have a potato before you go to bed. This sounds so goofy, but when I read up on it, they have good reasons for what they're recommending. And it isn't an extreme diet where you only eat bananas and grapefruit, or something like that. I might give it a try.

Do you like that level of commitment? I MIGHT give it a try. That is cover-your-butt-speak in case it doesn't work out. Okay. I WILL try it. No, I will DO it. and see what happens.

I wonder if law enforcement officials would be interested in this information. Okay, never mind.


daisydreamer said...

Thank you for the info. I bookmarked the page and will be going through to check it out. I like the way you describe their "gentle" "immersion" into the new changes. It's how I get in the pool, so maybe this less than radical plan might work. What really intrigues me is the potato before bed...this I gotta read about!!!

Alicia said...

This is crazy!