Friday, April 11, 2008

the best laid plans...

Yesterday was a day for plans going awry.

I fully intended to go home, cook chicken chili, and work on my closet. I thought of something that might work, by the way! I'm so excited. I'll let you know.

Well, it started slushing when I was still at work. I think I had at least a half inch of gloppy slush on my car when I went outside after work. Yukk! So I let the car warm up while I read bits and pieces of a book I have in the car.

I decided to stop at the library and see if they had any books for me, and they did! I started reading one in the parking lot, and I think a half hour flew by. I got going again, but because of the sloppy guck that was coming down, traffic was at a standstill. I crawled along, debating about if I wanted to stop at Dunn Bros and get a coffee to keep me awake. Nahhh. I kept going.

I decided to stop at Lowe's and pick up what I needed for the closet, and by then, the bleck falling from the sky had turned to fiery little needles that stabbed into any exposed skin available. So I was going back out to my car like this, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow..." because of course, I hadn't worn my coat. I refuse. I'm on a weather strike from my coat. I will not acknowledge any more wintry weather by wearing my coat. I choose to see sunshine and rainbows and warm weather. Mind over matter.

I almost went to the other library, too, but I changed my mind. AI was supposed to be on at seven, I thought, so home it was. Home was chaos from the time I got there until 11:30 at night, which is finally when I got my cat posse post finished. Pearlie came over. The TV was loud. The radio was playing. Funny videos on the internet were blaring. Babies were crying. Dinner got done, and more chaos erupted in the kitchen. A baby threw up, and he threw up again.

I got the wireless network going again, and the best thing of all? I got Gee's laptop working again, too! We had to have her hard drive replaced, and she didn't have a Recovery disk made for the applications and drivers. She couldn't get on the internet with it, she couldn't read photo cards, or anything. I think it's good, now! Yay!

After all of that, I FINALLY got to get on the web and post. Hooray! And now I'm going to scurry off to bed. (yawn...) Good night!

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