Wednesday, April 16, 2008

finally! finally Kristi is going home

They think they're so tricky on AI, don't they? Mixing it up at the last minute by moving David Cook and Syesha around. And then up to their old tricks when Ryan said, "Here David, you're safe. Now go stand with the group you think is also safe." Yeah. Right.

I really don't have a favorite so much as I have least favorites.

Brooke is my least favorite, followed very closely by Jason. The other four are approximately equal, with the Davids having a small lead on the other two. I think it's going to be a guy's season.

My honey was amazed when he found out I really am not a Jason fan. He says, "He would have been a good person to sing with Bob Dylan."

When I said, "I don't really like his singing either," he nearly blew a gasket.

"WHAT?" he choked. "Bob Dylan is one of the best songwriters EVER."

"Exactly," I said. "Good song WRITER, not singer." (Actually I haven't a clue what he wrote.)

ROFL. Love getting a reaction out of that man.

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