Thursday, April 10, 2008

it's night time...let's r-r-r-r-rumble!

Oh, these cats! They bicker more than the kids do. They fight. Constantly.

Tucker and Franklin, my cats, absolutely HATE Dee's cats. They've been here for oh, three or four months, now? You'd think they'd be used to each other by now. But no.

They've divvied up the fights, too. Franklin ALWAYS picks on Charli-mama. And Tucker always fights with BoomBoom. Always. And if one is in a fight, the other one backs him up. They're brothers, and we've had them since they were babies, eleven years ago. So without further ado, here is the Rogue's Gallery with the bullies:

Franklin and Tucker

And here are the hapless victims:

Charli and BoomBoom

The scene: early, early in the morning, when everyone is sleeping.

Charli-mama is in the hall, down by the bedroom door, waiting for Dee to get up and feed her. Here comes Franklin, sneaking down the hall. Bam! He explodes into action, bowling Charli-mama over and beating the snockers out of her. She yelps and hisses at him.

Here comes the cavalry: BoomBoom. He races down the hall to come to her rescue, and chases the dastardly Franklin off. You can see Charli-mama kind of shake herself to get her ruffled fur and dignity back together. BoomBoom walks back to the kitchen where he had been laying on the floor.

Scene 2: Repeat scene 1, only this time, Tucker joins in the fray and starts beating up BoomBoom. Fortunately, Rob is awake and breaks them all up. If I'm awake when this is happening, I'm usually emptying the squirt bottle on them by this time. They hate that.

Scene 3: This is a repeat of scenes 1 and 2, only this time, Tucker has positioned himself strategically at the front of the hall. He lets Franklin slide by with a wink, and he waits. Franklin takes on Charli-mama again, and sure enough, here comes BoomBoom again to rescue her.

"Not so fast," says Tucker. And he waylays BoomBoom, tackling him and whapping him mercilessly. Have you ever seen a fight where one guy gets the other one down, and all you see is a fist rising and falling as they punch the guy who's down? Well, that's what you see when Tucker goes after BoomBoom. BoomBoom is the submissive one, and every time he falls onto his back, Tucker just whales on him. All you see is that one paw...bam!bam!bam! And then Tucker gets up, puffs up his chest and just saunters away like he's king of the hill.


They're like the posse of town bullies in the old West. They swagger around the house like outlaws spinning their six shooters on their fingers, just waiting for an opportunity to strike! They do it just for the fun of it.

What is up with that? They're CATS, for crying out loud. They should be doing cat things, like chasing a string, or playing in a paper bag. This is like strategic battle planning. I've never seen two cats stick together the way they do. Eleven years of bonding makes a difference, I guess.


bethn said...

HOw hysterical. We have 2 cats the male, tucker, we've had for awhile, and the female Kayla we got a couple months ago. I swear it's like haveing 2 more kids fighting in the house. THe follow each other attacking each other all day long. Who knew cats were so much like kids.

Crazy Daisy said...

This is great stuff!

Lesa said...

This post was hoot! Each cat has their own personality like people. I have two girl kitties - Tipper & Tilda. They get wound up just before dawn and then sleep all day!

Becky K. said...

Oh yes, they are too territorial...
I love the narrative! The pics are way cute too.

I'm thinking that Dee's cats look a whole lot more passive than yours...are they?

What sweeties.

Becky K.

daisy said...

Oh, it is like having more kids in the house. And I feel like we're bursting at the seams already. Six of the kids are here, a baby, four cats, the dog, and a hamster. You can't take two steps without running into one of them. Madness, I tell you. Madness.

Most of the time Dee's cats are completely passive, except for Charli-mama, who might hiss at the curtain moving in the breeze if it startles her.

And once in a while, BoomBoom gets up a little courage and takes a random whack at Tucker when he happens to walk underneath a chair that BoomBoom is sitting on. It's hilarious.