Wednesday, April 9, 2008

kinda quiet here on the home front

I've been flying low, staying below the blog radar line. I don't know if I'm extra tired because of the seasons changing, or if I'm finally just wearing down. I get up, I'm tired. I get home from work, I'm tired. I play with the baby, make dinner, chat with the family, and I'm tired. I'm ready to go to bed.

Late nights are usually when I get the most blogging done because that is the only time when I don't get interrupted constantly. There haven't been many late nights recently, so the blogging has suffered. I've even gotten ready for bed as early as 9:30 pm. Something is wrong in the Daisy house when that happens. LOL

I watched DWTS this week, and last night I watched AI and the DWTS results. I was actually disappointed that they sent Adam home. He was funny, and I liked watching him with Julieanne. But, it is a dancing competition. He wasn't a flawless dancer.

Weren't the kids great on there? The little girls were just sassy and spunky. You almost could forget they are just eight and nine years old when they dance, but then when they start talking...yeah. It's a quick yank back to reality.

As far as AI goes, my honey thought Jason's performance last night was the best out of all of them. Are you KIDDING me? "Please!" I said. "Tell me you're joking." Jason seems like a very nice person. Very nice. He is NOT my favorite singer this season.

I think Michael Johns was my fave last night. David Archuleta was in fine form as well. Randy seemed to be a little whacked out last night. I usually somewhat agree with him, but last night we were worlds apart, at least on Michael. He sounded somewhat crabby at first. I wanted to send HIM home.

Tonight I'm going to record Idol Gives Back in case I fall asleep halfway through.

And when, I wonder, am I ever going to finish my closet? It's halfway done, and it's not working for me. I hate it. I have to start over, and I don't know what I want to do with it. So everything is sitting in a pile in the middle of the closet.

The opening doesn't reach all the way across the whole closet. It stops about two feet short on both sides. How do you store stuff in the cubbies on the end without blocking them off when you put stuff in the middle? Does that even make sense? I want to throw it all away. Clothes and all. I could put a cot in there and when I want to hide, I could go in there. No one would think to look in the black hole.


bethn said...

I know the feeling about being more tired than usual. I think it's because it's been raining the last 3 days. Good luck with your closet. I've given mine up for a lost cause at this point.

daisy said...

I can't give's too final. I have to keep my options open so I still have hope.

Oh, the mind games I play with myself.

Crazy Daisy said...

I posted a reply to your comment on my blog, and then realized, maybe you don't follow up on comments you leave, so I'm reposting it here...


Cat posse, huh? I'll for sure be checking that one out!

I'm also thinking about starting a weekly Wacky Wednesday kind of deal for people to link up to, so they can see everyone that participates (though at this point, it might just be the 2 of us!). I might even be inclined to make a button for it!

justlovehim said...

Wait, so your last name is Daisy? So if you had a son and my daughter married him, her name would be Daisy Daisy. LOL!