Sunday, April 6, 2008

moutras vs. holmes'

Here Comes the Newlyweds is on tonight! It's the last show. One thing I'm really enjoying about this show is that I don't know what to expect. It'll be interesting to see who comes out on top. I read somewhere that it was created as a filler show during the writers' strike...I don't know if that's true, but if it is, what a nice unintentional bonus for the viewers.

So, I'm rooting for the Moutras. I'm so curious to see what the challenges are going to be for the two couples tonight. I know that the other couples are all coming back for the show, so maybe they'll all vote on who gets the money. It could be something completely unexpected, too.

What's happened to me? I was never a TV junkie before. But I guess it's a pleasant diversion from the everyday routine of pick up, clean up, put up, wipe up, and cook up. Even cooking looks like much more fun on the Barefoot Contessa or Paula Deen. I think the secret is that there is no clean up whatsoever involved for those who cook on TV. Yeah, yeah. I know. Just let me have my little fantasy.

On TV, they skip over all the work and go straight to the fun. They avoid all the everyday unpleasantries, like kids getting the flu, ice cold cat hairballs in the hallway at night that you find with your bare feet, or baby poop exploding everywhere.

Anyway, I wonder what they'll do with the money--whoever wins it. It's a large enough sum to do something significant with, but not enough to retire on, you know? If I won $400,000 plus, I would pay off my house and my car, but I would save some money for...yes, a cleaning lady. My little heart pitter pats at that thought. A bigger house and a cleaning lady. That's all it would take for me. Maybe a year or two off work to complete a PhD in Adult Education. Then maybe a nice teaching job at a private college somewhere.

What would you do with $400,000?


bethn said...

A cleaning lady, what a joyous thought! I would also love to buy all kinds of plants to plant in my garden and send my kids to any summer camp they wanted to go to without thinking about the cost. What simple wants I have these days.

oneihave said...

Hi I would get a cleaning lady also! Of course I would tithe and give. I would pay off my student loans, help my parents, who have helped me tremendously with my daughter while I attended college. I would put money up for retirement,invest.
Take my daughter to Disney World and get a new car. I was voting for the Moutras also, I think they have a wonderful marriage.You know they are having a baby boy this month. That is just wonderful, I hope they have a wonderful life.

daisy said...

Oh, yeah. Good point about the garden. I would totally go crazy there.

Forgot about student for retirement...lots of good ideas.

I did not know they are having a baby. How cool! How did you find that out?

I'm just imagining the living with his parents and TEN other family members. We had all eleven kids under the roof at once, plus two great nieces most of the time. I KNOW how crowded that can get. They will totally enjoy that.

MovieWatcher said...

I fell in love with the show. We're watching the finale now. I think I would definitely buy a house. Nothing too big. It would just be nice to have a home in the family. Also I would love to adopt a dog from the shelter. I think this family could use a pet

daisy said...

I saw that they are going to do it again. I'm so glad!

A friend of ours is getting married this summer. They would totally be perfect for the show. They'd be a combination of Dawn & Cody and Lance & Heather. They should really apply for it.

Crazy Daisy said...

I would buy a house, and pay off our student loans and car! Then, of course, try to save the rest!