Wednesday, April 2, 2008's fading away as i speak

Last night, I was having a conversation with my daughter Gee, and she said something that almost made me fall off my chair it was so funny. In my head, I thought, "I'm going to blog about that in the morning."

This morning, it was completely and utterly GONE. My memories are fading more quickly than my dreams at the dawn of the day. Scary. Very scary. I'm starting to listen a little more intently to the Alzheimer medication commercials to see if I have the symptoms. If I don't write it down IMMEDIATELY, it's gone! Do you think that is part of this lovely stage called perimenopause? ICK.

And now, my three dear daughters who live here are fighting and bickering just like they did when they were two and three. Aaauuugggghhh!! I want to pull out every hair upon my head and run screaming through the streets. When they were little, I would give them hug breaks. I'd make them stand and hug each other for five minutes. They couldn't do anything else until they finished their hug break, even if it took them fifteen, or even fifty minutes. Now I just want to throw a bucket of water on them.

My patience is running out. I'm not supposed to have to listen to them argue NOW, am I? Even the oldest one gets her little digs in, especially when she thinks I'm not listening. What. Ever.

It's no wonder my mind is going. Maybe it's better that way. I don't think I want to remember this. Let it go by in a little blur, while I sit and smile my vacant grin, happily blogging away. Tension? Pah! Who listens?

Perhaps the book I'm going to be reviewing will have some answers for me. Who knows? I invite y'all to check back here in about four days, to read all about Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children. I think it's divine timing. Yes! I'll tell you all about it.

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Velvia said...

I can certainly relate to the forgetfulness, it seems to happen more frequently than I would like. Along with everything else we have to deal with at this stage of our lives, having difficulty with our memory should not be one of them! I guess we have to take the bad with the good, right?