Friday, April 11, 2008

say it's not so...not Michael!

I am completely shocked and dismayed! Michael Johns was sent home on American Idol last night. WHAT??! I kept watching, thinking there must be some mistake. It could have been an April Fool's joke or something. Oh, wait. It's not the first. It's the tenth. Well, now it's the eleventh of April. But still.

He looked so shocked. And Syesha and Carly in the bottom three with him? Oh, what is wrong with people? See this is the downside of watching these dumb shows. I get sucked in and start taking them personally when my favorites aren't everyone else's faves.

But a few seasons ago, they sent Jennifer Hudson home when NO WAY should they have, so I guess Michael had a chance to go, too. I just kept looking at all the other people left up there, and I think that was so wrong. They dumped him before they got rid of KRISTI??? Or JASON?! Oh, please, people. What is wrong with your ears?

So here is the part where I start reconciling...he will probably get a deal before he is even done with the AI tour. I will buy his CDs, and everything will be okay. He'll be fine. I'll be fine.


Becoming Me said...

I saw your blog on someone else's blog role and even though I subscribe to a bajillion blogs, I couldn't not check out a blog named a daisy a day. Too cute. I think Michael will be fine. I too was shocked like I was when Chris Daughtry got booted off, but he's doing great and like you said so I JH. I think he'll get a deal for sure. Not that I know much or anything about the music industry. :-)

Alicia said...

You are so funny! I was shocked also! I would have thought Kristi would be the next one. I also think Michael will get a record deal!

♥B Happy said...

I could not agree more! I was very shocked that they sent him instead of the two that should go. Kristi and Jason should have went way before him. I am a David Cook fan myself, but Michael Johns was great too!