Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wacky web wednesday 04.23.2008

THIS is what I want to be doing when I get "old," whenever that is.

This movie, Young@Heart, is supposed to be coming to the Twin Cities this Friday, but I can't find a single theater that is showing it. I want to see it. It's more of a documentary than anything, from what I can tell, but it looks simply delightful. I know you'll love it!!

Go here for more info about the movie.


Velvia said...

Hi Daisy!
I tagged you for a Six Word Memoir meme. If you'd like to join in, the information is on my blog. I'd love to learn more about you!
Love, Velvia

Crazy Daisy said...

LOVE this one! :)

bethn said...

Oh how funny, it reminds me of my days working in the nursing homes.

daisy said...

You too? I loved working there...well, I loved the people there. I hated working if we were short, which was 90% of the time. Backbreaking sometimes. But I always left feeling like I had actually done something that mattered because so many of the people there had no one who came and talked to them.

bethn said...

I loved it too. You're right it always did feel like I was making a difference and they always appreciated everything you did for them.