Sunday, April 27, 2008

the winner is...

Julia from Hooked on Houses! When I need an HGTV fix and my favorites shows are not on, I can just zip over to her blog and soak it all in. I'm usually on the computer anyway rather than watching the tube.

So I'll be sending the TURQUOISE watch off via USPS as soon as I receive her address. I had a few requests for my source, and I purchased it at my local community college bookstore. The tag says Jolie Montre In Bloom. Their site is here, but it looks like it's wholesale only. They do have lots of cute hanging styles, though, but I think the daisy ones are the cutest. Hope that helps you, those of you who want to find one. I bought the last two when I got mine.

Thanks, Julia, and all my other contestants, for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back occasionally and share the insanity that passes for my life. I know it's all wrapped up in cats and dogs and babies, and when I have time, gardening and scrapbooking all these little details so that when my memory fails me, I can refer to my blog!

The Bloggy Carnival was a great way to "get out" and meet new bloggers. Thanks to Chilihead at Don't Try This at Home for hosting the carnival. (I'm starting to feel like I sound like someone who just won an Oscar or something.) Thanks to all my bloggy friends, my family, and most of all, bla bla bla...and the list goes on and on. I'm so excited. I have a whole new list of blogs to go back and visit. It's just a matter of finding the time.

Well, I have to prioritize the rest of my day. Blogging, #1. Scrapbooking, #1-1/4. (Speaking of scrapbooking, I have to tell you something later. Watch for it.) More scrapbooking, #1-1/2. Grocery shopping, #2. Making dinner, #3. Cleaning, #4. And when you have a list that is prioritized, you know if you run out of time, you can just start dropping things off the end of the list.

NOW it makes sense. Priorities! That's why the black hole never gets completely clean. Does anyone remember how close I was??? I had ONE cardboard tote left with two small boxes stacked inside of it. That's ALL I had left to sort and put away. I may have even taken a picture of it. A clean closet with a cardboard tote in front of it.

Well, I can't even see the tote anymore! I almost can't get past the end of the bed. It is sneaking around the corner of the bed and onto the floor on my side of the bed. And it doesn't help that the mattress always seems to slide over towards my side of the bed, which sucks up a little more of the walking space on my side of the bed.

The cats will barely even come in my room anymore, and if they do run in there to escape the horrible cat fur sucking monster (the vacuum), they come in at a dead run and make a mad leap for the middle of the bed. They won't go in the closet, and they hate my side of the bed. Maybe it's too close to the edge, and if they fall, they probably know it's going to take them till the snow flies again to find their way out.

Tucker got into my closet and slid down into a pocket of open space in the back somewhere. I had to excavate him to get him out. It was a good thing I saw him fall. It's serious, now. My closet has declared war.

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Hooked on Houses said...

Thanks so much, Daisy! I'm so excited I won something in the Bloggy Giveaway. How fun. Today's my birthday, so it's nice to get a gift!

Thanks for all the kind things you said about Hooked on Houses. I always love meeting other HGTV addicts. -Julia :-)