Saturday, May 24, 2008

adventures in punkinsitting

What is punkinsitting, you might ask...well, if you have a bff who is going out of town for Mem-weekend and a soft heart, you might well end up being a punkin sitter as well. Punkin is a little doxie-poo, or weenie-poo, if you like. She looks a lot like our Augie doggie, but she has golden poodle hair and little dainty poodle feet.

It's very tough getting a new pet acclimated to the household environment. Augie was totally entranced with her at first. A girl! In his very own house, AND, she is his size. He was practically googly-eyed as he was sniffing around her, until she got tired of his nose up underneath her backside, and then she gave him a crabby yelp and a "snap, snap!" with her teeth. Mind your nose, there, Augie Doggie.

Punkin is quite the little princess, and she loves to be petted. She does not love, however, when the thugs cats swagger up to her with the cold stare they reserve for intruders. She can only take it for a short minute or so, and then she shrieks at them and pounces, chasing them halfway across the room when they freak out and run.

Frankie was the first one to catch it...she went after him before my bff even finished dropping her off. He was sitting staring at her, trying to figure out what this creature was doing sitting plain as you please in his living room. Punkin lifted her lips a couple of times to show her perfect little teeth, and then she let him have it.

BoomBoom was the next victim, although I must say he was asking for it. He came strolling across the dining room when Punkin was sitting under my chair minding her own p's and q's. BoomBoom sat down, laid his ears back, and just gave her a steady glare until she lost patience and gave him the business. He flew backwards about six feet, I swear, and now he gives her a wide berth when he walks by.

This morning, Tucker decided to test her mettle, and deliberately walked right in front of her and sat down. He didn't even stare at her. He was staring at the desk next to him as though it were the most fascinating piece of furniture he had ever seen...UNTIL she pounced. Tucker flew into action. He didn't back up one step. In fact he took a step toward her and, "Whack! Whackitty, whap whap!" on top of her head with a heavy right paw, and sat right back down, staring right at her.

I think Punkin met her match this time, because she kind of shrank back and lowered herself to the floor, laying her chin on the carpet and staring off into the other room. I'm telling you! Tucker is the Alpha Dude here in our little animal kingdom. Nobody messes with him.

Dogsitting is even more intense than babysitting. If nothing else, this adventure has totally reinforced my "no new pets" vow.

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