Tuesday, May 13, 2008

family fun for everyone

I was asked to review these new K'Nex Dueling Racers and a Rescue building set. My kids are a little older, now, so I was thinking that maybe I'd have to have the older grandsons over to play with these to see what they thought of them. Not. The boxes weren't in the house two days, and one of our boys, who shall remain nameless, asked if he could put them together for me. Well, if you know the boys, you know which one had a HUGE collection of K'Nex and Legos when he was younger. Yes, him. He couldn't wait to put them together.

The first ones he built were the Dueling Racers. He didn't have any trouble with them at all. He zipped through them fairly quickly, and then moved on to the Rescue sets. Not long after that, the youngest daughter asked me if she could build the cars...she was too late, but she still wanted to play with them. I think K'Nex building sets are timeless. They're like Legos. Even grown people want to play with them.

Speaking of Legos (or all leading building bricks, as the instructions describe them), there's one thing that was new for me about these K'Nex sets: now they are compatible with the Lego building blocks! I was excited! They have the little nubbins and holes that make them fit together with the Legos. How cool is that!

Talk about expanding your building capabilities. It's like buying two sets, really, because you can add to your Lego set, or add to your K'Nex set. The only downside is that the K'Nex don't stay together as well as Legos do. They have a little looser fit, and the big tote full of Legos was loaned out to one of the grandchildren, so I can't tell you how well they fit with them.

One side note that I noticed on the box is that if you get all the rescue sets, they give you a code that lets you get directions from their website so you can make a giant project using all the sets. Very cool! I love toys that are versatile. And of course, kids are always free to create and make their own building projects.

The kits say they are designed for ages 5 and up. So that would mean that kindergarteners can put these together. Hmmm . . . I guess that's about right, because these directions are great for readers and non-readers alike. In fact, non-readers might have a bit of an advantage, because they're used to interpreting pictures and such without having to have words to spell everything out. They even show you how many of which pieces you are supposed to have. The directions are step by step, in full color. They are intuitive and accurate.

I was tickled to try these out, and happy to share the experience with all y'all!


Kristi said...

I have avoided the Knex becayse my friend said that they WEREN'T compatible. If they ARE now, then I will get some for my son for his birthday. He has been begging for them for quite awhile now. Thanks for the tip.

fortyb4forty said...

We've never had K'nex but we love legos, I guess we should check this out.

mandy's mom said...

These look like fun! Are they pretty sturdy?

We had K'Nex a long time ago, but have not bought any new ones for a while. Maybe I should pick some up.