Tuesday, May 27, 2008

l is for loser...

Today Gee had to work, and she asked me to do her one favor when Dee got home. One little favor. I had to make a phone call to see if a friend of ours had brought her yearbook home from school for her, and if so, I was going to run and get it. It's less than a mile away. Easy peasy.

She called me from work to remind me. Yep, yep. I'm going to do that, but Dee's not home yet, I said.

Dee got home...I could stop here, but I'll admit it. I didn't do it right away. Then I got sidetracked. Then I forgot. {:o[

Gee called about 9:30 when I was sitting in my room talking to Lewie. "Nope. Not yet," I said, when she asked me about it.

"Not YET? You mean you forgot??" Sadly, I had to admit it.

I hung up the phone. "Loser," I said to myself.

Lewie looked at me in feigned shock. "Really," he said.

"I was talking to MYSELF. About MYSELF!"

"I guess I don't need to call home from Wyoming, because now I know what you'll say about me when you hang up!" Boy, oh boy did he get some mileage out of that one!

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