Sunday, May 18, 2008

more progress

I had a crazy, crazy day last know that my honey cleaned the house for me, and the kids gave me this Archiver's card, so I thought for a while about what I wanted from there. I keep thinking about how to customize my crafty area, decorate it and things like that.

Like Archiver's has this carousel thing for hanging, oh, clear stamps on, or packages of stickers...things like that. I want to put up a little tiny straight rod on the closet wall instead, and hang the stuff on there. I don't have enough table space for a carousel thingie.

The closet is getting there, by the way! It really is. I did a little more cleaning, and more rearranging of drawers and clothes and "stuff" but I'm still not done. I'll wait until it's finished and I'll post pics if I get brave.

But back to the crazy part...I lost my Archiver's card for a while, and I was going bonkers trying to find it. I knew I put it in a very safe place. I just couldn't find it. Same with my camera card. It got left in the computer, and then I took it out to put it away. STILL don't know where that is! Maybe I should pray about it. I always find my stuff when I ask God to help me. Is that too frivolous? I don't think so. God cares about every little thing I care about, cuz He loves me THAT much.

Whew. I found the Archiver's card, sitting out in plain sight in this cool little pen/tool organizer that I'm going to have sitting right on top of my desk in my crafty space. And today I went and spent it. I couldn't decide between the Crop-O-Dile Big Bite and the very cool Ranger Adirondack alcohol inks.

I got to try out the alcohol inks when this very helpful saleslady gave me a mini tutorial...that was it! I bought the ink...I think it was the Cottage Path set, but now that I'm looking at all the colors online, I wish I would have bought the Mountain Vineyard set. Well, I guess I have to save something for next time. I also found this cool tutorial online that gives you ideas of how to use them. How fun!

I'm now unemployed till August or until I find something (which I hope will come sooner than August), so between temporary job hunting, garden cleaning, and watching babycakes, I'm going to keep plugging away on my closet so I have a place to do all these cool crafty things. I get excited just thinking about it.

A little update about the boys: they all got hired out in Wyoming and will be leaving within two weeks. Huge sad face here... {:^[ I'm going to get lots of practice in letting go, I guess.

And one last word of wisdom [and this is a repeat word]:

Do not, I repeat again, do NOT try to cook quesadillas when you are blogging, and particularly when the Country Music Awards are on in the other room! I burned this one quesadilla severely on one side--TWICE! I peeled the burnt side off that sucker, put another tortilla on there, and BURNED THAT ONE, too! Three strikes and I would have been OUT.


Crazy Daisy said...

If you are taking vote, mine is for the big bite, however, I don't know much about the ink... :)

amy said...

What a neat blog. GLad I stumbled upon it!!!!

Sounds like you are quite creative!