Tuesday, May 20, 2008

they're stretching their wings!

Boy, oh boy, am I doing a lot of letting go lately. You might be tired of hearing me whining about my boys leaving the state...well, now I get to practice letting go of my baby girl Gee.

Not only is she going away to college this fall (okay, only forty minutes away, but still), but right now she's off on over a week-long road trip with Caseman and T to Vegas and the West Coast! It's really hard to keep my hands off and not try to manage the trip for her, at least mentally.

You know how that goes...they want to drive straight through, and take turns driving. I want them to sleep someplace in a real bed every night. They want to go sightseeing to California. I get itchy to plan their destinations and have them go where I would like to go. I have to keep telling myself, "Just get a grip, Momma! Let them be."

But it sounds like they are having a grand time of it. What better time to go travelling than right after you finish high school? No responsibilities, no schedules, at least for the moment. I can't wait till she gets back and I can see her pictures. We are going to have a scrappin' good time, then!

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