Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yes, it's the year of the Cook!

David Cook! By 12 million votes! He was my choice out of the two that were left. I'm not sure why David Archuleta didn't win it...maybe his dad's interfering? Maybe everyone saying that he aced the finale last night?

It made me feel like the judges thought the contest was already over. That always gets my back up, so I'm happy that the Cookster won. Well, not just because of that. He deserved it. Actually, they both did, but I thought he took more risks. His willingness to be vulnerable probably garnered him a few votes, and his singing is muy interesante. Not the same old, same old.

I'll buy his CD when it comes out. I tried to buy some of his performances on iTunes tonight, but it kept telling me it couldn't process card payments at this time. Grrr.

It was very nice to see Michael Johns and David Hernandez on the show again tonight. Just like old times. Hehe. The Idol tour is actually coming to our town, but I doubt I can afford tickets. Too bad. Actually, I could probably buy the CDs of all the Top Ten Idol contestants for cheaper than one ticket to the concert.

Yeah, I'm trying to console myself. How'm I doing?


daisydreamer said...

i wanted the other david. sigh.

fortyb4forty said...

I wanted David A to win although I really like David C. David A did a better job Tuesday night. I'll try to get over it.

Alicia said...

I am so very excited that Cook won! He is who I wanted, but I did really like Brooke too! I will be buying Cook's cd too. I am sure the tickets are way expensive, but you should still take a look, maybe it wont be too bad?! Although buying their Cd's is not a bad option either!! ;)

VeRonda said...

First off, this is the cutest site! And yes, I think you're coping just fine. LOL! I actually wanted the younger David to win. I felt like Cook was so complete that he didn't really need AI to help him along the way... he could put on a concert right now. It's okay. I'm sure David A.'s phone will be ringing off the hook with potential deals.

daisy said...

Hey daisydreamer--hello! Love your pic! Archie was sweet, but I wasn't ready for another teenage Idol.

Forty--I always end up with a little bit of the blues at the end of the season, but then I have to talk myself out of it. Kind of like January when the holidays are over, you know? I can still listen to the tunes...

Alicia, I saw a CD from Brooke out for sale already online. That was quick!