Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another day, another snafu

No book reading today...just a chaotic morning, and a torturously long day at work. I spent it walking around the floor, trying to look busy to avoid triggering these sharp, pointy, frequent emails from the financial person to the managers, "Don't they have something to do?"

Okay, it's probably best to stop there. I will draw a careful line between work and blog. But I only have one question. If this person has time to watch us try to look busy, don't they need something more to do? There are already four manager-type people in there already to oversee us and give us projects.

But to shake off the strings of ick that wrapped themselves around me at work, I climbed into my welcoming little wrinkled car, and sang at the top of my lungs as I turned up the volume on the CD player to extra-loud, bumping Tobymac, the Newsboys and Selah on the way home. Yes!

My honey was just finishing making his yummy homemade mac and cheese when I got home. He made it with cut up rotisserie chicken in it instead of ham this time. Dee-licious!! What a sweetheart he is.

For inspiration after dinner, I visited Mel at A Long Way from the Theta House online. Ya gotta love her. Her hubby runs an inner city kids ministry in Dallas, and she is along for the ride. Mamelissa, as her kids call her, took on some bike thieves, and you can read about it here...what a gutsy lady!

And I also visited newly found bloggy friend Kori. Her husband has CF and he was recently was diagnosed with colon cancer as well. Visit her and share some love. She is a sweetie!

My first (of the three) book reviews should be up tomorrow. I'm anticipating some good book reading time in the morning, y'all.

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