Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a better day at work...

I am amazed. Today zipped by. It was so cool. We were actually busy with customers most of the day. Well, it was the third day of classes and the last day to return books for this session, so we had lots of purchases and lots more returns. You know, people either are in such a hurry the first time they come in that they just pick their books quickly and get the wrong ones. They don't read the signs. (Guilty, as well - when I was a student.)

Then, when they return their books, they don't read the return policy that we attach to every receipt. They can have it in their hand and from what they are saying, you can tell they never even looked at it. (Also guilty.) And the ones who just kill me are the ones who stop into the bookstore two minutes before we close, and get upset when we won't keep the bookstore open just for them while they run down to financial aid and request a voucher. (And I know that I waited till the last minute for many more things than that!)

But it's so different looking at it from the selling side. Oh, my gosh. I recognized myself all over the place while I was waiting on these stressed-out, running-behind, frustrated students. So while I can chuckle at the people who get snappy over the little details, I'm registering it all at the same time. I know that I will have more patience with people when I go shopping again.

Then after I got home (a little after 8 pm), I bit the girls' head off (PMS kicking in), I washed the rest of the dishes (resentfully), I made dinner (easy meal tonight--rice pudding), and then, then, I started creating in the kitchen, which made me feel much better.

Cub Foods had berries on sale last week, and I bought blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. They were buy-one-get-one, so I got two containers of each. I decided to make a triple berry compote. I've been craving this since forever. I had it at someone's house a loong time ago, and I've been wanting to know how to make it.

I was inspired by the Nester, as I wrote yesterday, with her post about something imperfectly beautiful, and I decided to just jump in with both feet and try to make some. I googled the recipe, looked at a few different versions, and combined several of them into one. It turned out so good!

Here's what I did:

Clean and slice two pounds of strawberries.
Wash two pints of blueberries.
Wash two half-pints of blackberries.
You could add raspberries, too.

Put them all in a big pot, and add 1-1/3 cups of sugar. Smash some of the berries with a potato masher, and stir thoroughly. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

Add 1 cup of water and turn the burner on med-high. Stir occasionally until mixture gets hot.

Pour 1/2 cup lemon juice into a bowl, and dump in 1/4 cup cornstarch. Use a spoon and stir it together until the lumps are gone. Add the lemon juice/cornstarch mixture to the berry mixture, and keep cooking it until mixture bubbles and sauce turns thick and clear.

Serve over ice cream or rice pudding, or use to top pancakes, french toast or waffles. Refrigerate leftovers in a covered container.

I should have taken pictures of the whole process, but I didn't think of it until I read Sarah Mae's post about making yummy strawberry freezer jam. But here's a shot of the final product, poured over my creamy rice pudding in my take-to-work container for lunch tomorrow.


Kristi said...

That looks SOOO good.

Alicia said...

That looks very good and yummy!!!! You always think of the "should haves" after the matter!!