Monday, June 2, 2008

everyday moments...

It was a random kind of a day. I got one job application submitted, and found two more that I could apply for. You would think that in a whole day, I could find enough time to do more than one application.

But...I slept in with the baby, first of all. He is so cuddly that it's irresistable. You can't not cuddle up with him and snooze. When I got up, the adjuster had just been here to look at the hail damage on the roof. The verdict is that it needs to be replaced.

My honey spent the next hour trying to figure out the estimate they gave us. Then he paid bills, which is another long drawn-out endeavor because he only pays bills twice a month. It takes a while to sort them out. So he was at the desk a good long while, and I watched little X-man.

Then when he finally fell asleep for his nap, I made coffee and something for lunch. Chasing him keeps a body busy! I think I'll be more than ready to go back to "work" and slow down a little. How did I ever do it with the bunch of them? I do not recall. I think maybe I have been blessed with selective amnesia!

I remember that when I was trying to get my application submitted before the deadline today, Lewie must have texted Gee to have someone find out online if there is a Chipotle in Wyoming! Just ONE minute, please...I was frantically typing this app. "But I'm starving," he says! What. Ever.

After that, I don't even know what happened. I did read "Life Artist" by Ali Edwards...just a few pages of it. Enough to stir the creative juices, but I only had enough time to read a few pages, not enough time to do something myself. Dee and Gee took X-man for a walk while I made supper. The day kind of disintegrated and before I knew it, it was bedtime. Tomorrow is another day.


amy said...

Cant wait to read about tomorrow. You really are a great writer

daisymarie said...

Bedtime does seem to get here quicker and quicker. And now that the weather is warm (too warm almost) Asher wants to play outside all evening. I get nothing done indoors.